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"Marco Sodaro: Tokyo Blues"
2005-05-14 until 2005-05-21
Il Ramo d'Oro
Naples, , IT Italy

Tokyo by night. With its neat crowds of workers that break and spread out in thousands of streams, runnig in any direction. Legions switch back to individuals, with tired and vacant faces. When clerks finish working, the entertaiment professionals begin: waiters, bartenders, hostesses, pimps. Then, the daytime workers look for amusement in a city different from the one that received them in the morning; now so confused, impregnated by smells, and certainly different from the one that will be waiting for them the day after. Tiny restaurants, pachinko houses, or more ambiguous places, in which visitors pass through the staring glance of young girls portrayed on the signboards.

In the mob, people search for each other, the mobile phone is a needful device for a sociality where it is unpolite to look in someone else‚s eyes, and the basic rule is to keep the distance. However, most of the persons are indifferent to the call of the night, and go home on a crowded train.

These photographs don‚t tell individual stories. Neither portrait reality, or a personal reality, nor are a research of artistic values. They show a feeling bound to the unicity of any single image, a mutual relationship between the ambiguos look of the photographer and the one of the subject. The envirovment is often dark, gloomy, full of reflections; and the light, even the artificial one, reveals a possible reality, or an illusion.

Marco Sodaro

Biography: Born in Turin in 1971. He studied at Primo Liceo Artistico and Architecture at the Politecnico. He deepened his photographic skills at the Toscana Photographic Workshop with photojournalists Charles Harbutt, Antonin Kratochvil, Micheal Ackerman, and tonal system related black and white print techniques with Jim Megargee. He worked as an assistant and photographer with Luxemburg artist Doris Drescher, with jazz musicians Carlo Actis Dato and Federico Marchesano in creating CD covers, and collaborated with enological culture magazine Phortos. Now he lives and works in Tokyo, teaching Italian. Exhibition History: Personal exhibitions. February 2004: Circolo Artistico Pueblo, Turin. March 2004: restaurant Kiki, Turin. June 2004: restaurant Jap-One, Naples. December 2004: Museo Minimo, Naples. An exhibition in the Italian-Arab Culture Centre Dar al-Hikma of Turin is to be held next summer.

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Marco Sodaro
"No title" , 2005
38 x 26 centimeters (width x height)

Price: US $ 400

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