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Indepth Arts News:

"Last TILT Collectors' Sale"
2005-06-15 until 2005-07-02
TILT Contemporary Art
Melbourne, VC, AU Australia

Thanks to the generosity of several Artists who donated work for this fund raiser, TILT is able to present collectors with a unique opportunity to invest in some of Australia's most collectable contemporary artists, at affordable prices. They are also supporting the continuation of this exciting gallery and its represented artist. This exhibition of high quality modern and contemporary works spans a variety of media and approaches to art. The artists range from the early works of Jon Cattapan, one of Australia's most collectable artists, to mid career and emerging artists represented by TILT and other Melbourne galleries.

To see a history and sample images of the last two and one half years of TILT shows go to www.tilt.com.au.

Included in the sale are paintings, sculpture and works on paper by: Jon Cattapan, Daniel Moynihan, Geoffrey Ricardo, Pat Larter, Ian Rogers, Chris Rowe, Rona Green, Man Fred, Steve Warburton, Jenny Davis, Amanda van Gils, Anthea Williams, Luciano Prisco

Jon Cattapan is one of Australia's foremost painters and one of Australia's most collectable artists with a strong local and overseas following; Daniel Moynihan, painter and printmaker, is famous for his thylacine paintings; Geoff Ricardo, painter and master printmaker; Pat Larter (deceased) was a well known performance artist and painter; Ian Rogers is an exciting emerging artist gaining a reputation with his "Mechism" series of illusional abstractions; Rona Green is a talented new media print maker; Chris Rowe is a painter with a reputation for her award winning mixed media work; Anthea Williams, sculptor, is a winner of the New York based Pollock-Krassner Grant and has an upcoming New York show; Man Fred, emerging photographer, painter and new media artist. Steve Warburton is a very exciting emerging painter whose career will be stellar; Luciano Prisco, ex-Roar Group, is an expressive psychosocial painter. Jenny Davis is an abstract painter and sculptor with a recent show in New York, and upcoming residency and shows in Spain and Germany. Amanda van Gils, painter, has recently shown in New York City, is presently participating in the Sommerwende International Festival in Berlin and has an upcoming solo exhibition at Rex-Livingston Art Dealer in Sydney. Amanda van Gils has been a Premiere Portfolio Member at absolutearts.com since April 2003; her work can be seen at http://www.absolutearts.com/avangils

Curatorial Premise - MODES OF EXPRESSION:

For most of our adult lives relationship traumas can be found just below the surface of our being. Subject to hormonal and primal urges, we sometimes struggle to fit our social and personal expectations. A simple outing can become a subconscious minefield as procreative urges play out a complex social game, which flits in and out of consciousness. The more we overcome the straight jacket of expectations, and the more we open ourselves to the messages from the unconscious, the greater the discomfort as we struggle to interpret human gestures and behavior. Dealing with the impact of such forces is the subject of some of our strongest neo-expressionist outpourings.

In Jon Cattapan's early works on view in this collection, this anxiety, ever present in the human condition, is confronted with an expressive force rarely encountered in the history of post-modern art. Daniel Moynihan's Tasmanian Tiger Cello continues his expressions of the conflict between primeval spirit and civilization. Geoffrey Ricardo's "freedom's bargain" employs a theatre of the absurd to express the impossibility of escaping the human condition. Pat Larter's "Peter" struggles to accommodate the conflicting forces of decorum and desire. Rona Green's "the Grey" evokes the ambivalence and contingency of kinship with stunning economy. From the reactive force of Cattapan to the new urban cool of Green, each, in their own way, advances our understanding and challenges our presumptions.

Amanda van Gils
Untitled (snorkling pair)
oil on canvas
$640 (price subject to variation)

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