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Indepth Arts News:

"SR Lacroix: Intermezzo Interactions"
2005-07-08 until 2005-08-02
Amsterdam Whitney Gallery
New York, NY, USA United States of America

Based upon the ingenious construction of his work, SR Lacroix's outstanding abstract works are like living, breathing entities occupied in a picture frame. In a highly Modern sense these works arrive at a level of autonomy that is extraordinary; Mr. Lacroix bestows life to color and to shape. Given the impression of existence that is brilliantly instilled in these intangible elements, moreover, Mr. Lacroix's structuring of these paintings‚ design establishes an interconnection amongst the abstract symbols.

This interconnection thus creates a surprising presence of identity with in his works. In his Ce n'est pas aussi simple que cela parait (There's More than Meets the Eye) circular, eye-like shapes float on the canvas, united by purple webbing. The viewer looks in as these eye-shapes look out. However, the webbing fuses them, and as a result this works‚ construction generates the sense of a singular form of circles, which peer out at the viewer. That their multitude is fashioned into a singularity provides a certain identity to all that is within the canvas. In Mr. Lacroix's Entourer d'un mur (Walled-In) a background assembly of uninhibited, vivid hues are swathed with a wall of blue streaks in the foreground, essentially imprisoning the background. Again, there is here a feeling of character and individuality within the underpinning of his literal paint. Furthermore, in Mr. Lacroix's brilliant paintings there is often a sense of movement or liberation in terms of the shapes‚ arrangement, which consequently augments his works‚ staggering configuration of selfhood. 

Mr. Lacoix's works demonstrate his theory of Abstract Allegories. He begins with a bare allegory, an image illustrating a concept or narrative, and he then adds a paradox, a personal statement or personal perspective, which then becomes the title of the work. He invites the viewer to associate individually with the work. This is a rather post-Modern, Barthesian notion of readership in which, on some level, the viewer becomes author of the work. However, Mr. Lacroix's exceptionally innovative work introduces a duality in which, while the reader perhaps becomes the author, the painting, itself, acquires its own being.              

A highly accomplished painter who has worked in the landscape genre, Mr. Lacroix studied at Chicago's American Academy of Art and the University of North Carolina. 

SR Lacroix is a Premiere Portfolio Artist at absolutearts.com. View more of his art at http://www.absolutearts.com/portfolios/s/srlacroix/.

Sr Lacroix
More Than Meets The Eye
30 x 22 inches

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