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"Table of Contents: Christophe Malfliet, Jan De Pooter, AJ Wilkinson and Babs Decruyenaere"
2005-12-02 until 2005-01-21
Dagmar de Pooter Gallery
Antwerp, , BE Belgium

The Dagmar de Pooter Gallery in Antwerp presents a group show entitled "Table of Contents" during December and January. Christophe Malfliet, Jan De Pooter, AJ Wilkinson and Babs Decruyenaere display works that cross a range of techniques, but are unified in their combinations of subject mater. The Dagmar de Pooter Gallery has a mission to present a challenging and exciting exhibition programme locally, and on a national and international platform. The gallery is embarking on an ambitious course to extend this work to new audiences through a series of high quality publications and other less gallery focused pursuits. To exist in the zeitgeist the gallery sees its role as a nurturer of its current artists and a cultivator of new talent.

Christophe Malfliet (Belgium °1966) - "On the works of the artist one can say he enjoys: the unrestrained contact with colour, in design, the density of the imagination, the sensation of decorative effects, the indifference to established rules in art, foremost those of the avant-garde, a refreshing lack of systematic, the unconcerned combining of seemingly incompatible stylistic means, which results into the impression of a stylistic potpourri.The unsuspecting multiplication of elements from the 'higher' and 'lower' arts, the demonstrative showing of the artistic ego, sometimes in an excessive, exhibitionist narcissist and elated way ,a brilliant eroticism, not tied up to the limitations of conventions either as the aesthetic expressions that are being applied." (fragment) Text: catalogue "En route vers les nouvelles aventures".

Jan de Pooter (Belgium °1958) - " A polyvalent artist who was classically formed at the Antwerp Art Academy, and superior Institute. He specialised in different print techniques as lithographs and etchings, which he toughed in several art institutions abroad (Spain, Portugal and Germany). Jan is also a visual multimedia artist. His photographs, collages and designer objects have a unique way of catching the amused and amazed attention of the spectator. In previous exhibitions, he started with his zany "Assemblagues" and several other items followed over the years where his collection of surrealist "cuckoo clock with pipe", of his "Haaifish Valise" and his "Suitcase with claxon" or even his array of Œvogelkastjes‚ or bird boxes and Bath with porthole"." The artist recently conceived the Portable Pissoir or "Pisse-Partout" for men (see at the gallery website Vespasiennes exhibition view, february-march 2005)" Text: Christophe Letzer ˆ Remorqueur productions 2005.

AJ Wilkinson (Great Britain °1963) - " Mutations", This work examines the way memory, and so history, works. Through a narrative of accumulation the viewer is presented with the experience of time and place. Each image is like a shard. Together these shards add up to, not a single recognisable place, but an experience. Singly, each is a punctum, seen differently through my eye and that of the viewer. By these means this work subverts the cultural orthodoxy of art, speaking of history but making it personal and everyday rather than about the great events of history. Moreover, the work challenges the belief that documentary photography shows us the truth. The work shows us that my viewing and selection of the world is as subjective and loaded as our interpretation of it. That memory and history are fluid." Text: AJ Wilkinson. (AJ Wilkinson is a guest artist).

Babs Decruyenaere (Belgium °1978) - "The point of departure for Babs Decruyenaere's work. A dependence upon the same type of light found in the camera obscura series, as well as those works in which pictures depend upon each other. The image unravels as you approach, formed by a "double-view" ˆ one placed before each eye (if you slide one picture partly over the other, the single image you would normally see is created). A time lapse exists between these two photographs, for it's impossible to take precisely the same picture twice, as they are neither of merely lifeless objects nor made exclusively with artificial light, causing them to be mutually dependent while at the same time giving them their unity." (fragment) Text by Helena Sidiropoulos. Table of Contents is the first collaboration of the artist with the Dagmar De Pooter Gallery.

The Dagmar de Pooter promotes her artists with a Gallery Portfolio at absoltuearts.com. View a full range of works at: http://galleries.absolutearts.com/ddepooter

Christophe Malfliet
"So... we fuck" (2005)
Dimensions: 50x70 cm
Edition Size: 20 signed & numbered by the artist  

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