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Indepth Arts News:

"Fultjacks Blot: Works by Scandinavian Artists and Musicians"
2005-12-03 until 2005-12-31
Raid Projects
Los Angeles, CA, USA United States of America

Works by Scandinavian artists and musicians who conjure with serious fantasy to generate alternate, virtual, imaginary and occasionally dystopic ‘realities’. Curated by Jonas Ohlsson, Viking Invasion features an opening night performance by Swedish legends En Halvkokt I Folie: Jonas Broberg, Kai Parviainen and Mikael Gran and presents projects by: Heimir Björgulfsson, Ida Ekdlad, Peter Hallberg, Onkel Konkel, Lars Larsson, Jonas Liveröd, Iwo Myrin, Oskar Nilsson, Anders Nordby, Jonas Ohlsson, Fredrik Söderberg, Pär Strömberg, Helgi Thorsson

Icelander Heimir Björgúlfsson uses diverse media – neon, wallpaper, grass - to consider the relationship between humans and our surroundings. He has shown in solo exhibitions at the Living Art Museum, Reykjavik and Galerie Fons Welters, Amsterdam as well as in group shows throughout Europe, including at STORE in London and Schipper & Krome in Berlin.

Peter Hallberg makes room-filling installations using drawings, ceramics, wooden sculptures and other techniques. Everything has a sort of home made feel to it. He makes psychological self portraits, among other things.

Swedish artist Martin Karlsson makes installations, photographs and drawings, often with accompanying lectures, that he regards as blueprints of alternative realities. Working with the tropes of the romantic garden, the living history museum, and science fiction and fantasy culture, he documents, re-constructs and updates the social aspects of contemporary and historical ‘virtual realities’.

Onkel Konkel is a mythic figure in underground Swedish culture, something along the lines of a Swedish Sid Vicious. Famed for his stunningly politically incorrect songs of the early 80's and his reinvention of the swedish language, Konkel is a punk musician who draws. He has never before consented to exhibit his drawings and Raid is proud that he has agreed to participate in Fultjacks Blot.

An artist and curator based in Malmo, Sweden, Jonas Liveröd has had solo shows at, among others, GL Box gallery, Portugal; Janco Museum, Israel; and Kunstbanken, Norway. His paintings, drawings, sculptures and installations are, he says ‘about tries, failures and hopes, about the loss of innocence and destroyed ideas, about growing up and coming down’.

Iwo Myrin’s luscious photographs of ‘the wild nature of The North’ are taken with homemade pinhole cameras. Myrin has been working both with pinhole photography and bronze casting in Sweden’s Northern Forests - playground of the Vikings - since the mid-nineties. While he has shown extensively in Scandanavia this is the first time his work has been exhibited in the US.

With a free-form approach to media-specificity and a content melange of fairytale, mythological and pop-iconic imagery, Oskar Nilsson’s paintings, drawings and sculptures suggest the workings of some murky and quixotic id. Originally from Sweden but now based in Amsterdam, Nilsson’s work has been shown most recently at Arti Et Amicitiae, Amsterdam and Gallerie S E, Norway.

Ida Ekblad & Anders Nordby live in Oslo. Their partnership has produced sculptures, performances, room-filling installations and wall drawings that are sometimes violent, sometimes hallucinatory, but invariably iconoclastic. For Viking Invasion Ekblad and Nordby will create a new, site-specific, wall drawing.

Combining drawings, text and music, the large-scale installations of Amsterdam-based artist and curator Jonas Ohlsson deal with political issues and filth. Attempting to capture the usual flow of his thoughts the works have an improvisational tenor and they abound, as he describes, with ‘stupidity, sick jokes, nasty thoughts, and dumb thoughts; sometimes funny and at times sharp, but relaxed...like hanging out with your buddies on a Monday night’.

Drawing on the visual imagery, narratives and metaphors of psychedelic and occultist subcultures, Fredrik Söderberg’s posters, paintings and DVD’s link characters, cartoons, symbols and machines in non-existent landscapes to create microcosmic worlds in which playfulness provokes the possibility of new hierarchies. Söderberg’s works have been exhibited in solo shows in China, New York, Amsterdam, and Sweden.

Pär Strömberg’s mythic figurative landscapes are not so much registrations of actuality as representations of states of mind and atmospheres that, the artist asserts, can be recognized by ‘collective memory’ even if they have never been directly experienced. Using multiple glazes Strömberg brings his ‘dreamy stories’ about archetypal struggles to rich and delicate life.

Helgi Thorsson lives in Reykavik, Iceland. His playful brightly colored installations abound with a combination of appropriated objects and purpose built ‘characters’ – blue-capped plaster gnomes who serve drinks, smoke-breathing strobe-eyed beasts, and enormous floating shrimps.

Since 1982 electro-acoustic music group/ experimental performance rock group En Halvkokt I Folie have been creating hilarious sound experiments that bring the echoes of outer space and musical(?) moods from the cybergalactic wasteland to clubs, galleries, and living-room hi-fi’s. Every performance is different, but a somewhat accurate description would be interactive performance with live electronics.

Jonas Liveröd

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