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Indepth Arts News:

"Alberto Sughi Retrospective Collection"
2005-12-21 until 2006-01-22
Centro Studi ed Archivio della Comunicazione
Parma, , IT Italy

A large retrospective exhibition of the work of Alberto Sughi, one of the most influential Italian artists since the 1950s, opened on December 21, 2005 and remains on display until January 22, 2006. The exhibition contains 642 works, including paintings, tempera, drawings and lithographs, owned by the collections of the Centro Studi ed Archivio della Comunicazione (CSAC) at the University of Parma. It will include the large canvases City by night (1958), People at the Supper (1976) Goodbye to the Red House (1992) and Rimmel (2004). The exhibition catalogue is published by Skira for the collection edited by CSAC, and it is introduced by two long reviews, by the Director of CSAC, Gloria Bianchino, and by Arturo Carlo Quintavalle, who have also organised the exhibition. The two reviews are followed by an interview with Alberto Sughi. The volume also includes a catalogue of Sughi’s works and complete reproductions of all the paintings and drawings by Alberto Sughi owned by the CSAC.

Alberto Sughi was born in Cesena in 1928. A self-taught painter, by the end of his formative years he had become one of the greatest Italian artists of his generation. He started painting in the early 1950s, choosing realism in the debate between abstract and figurative art in the immediate post-war period. Even from his early works, however, Sughi’s paintings have avoided any attempt at social moralising. They depict moments from daily life with no heroes, allowing Enrico Crispolti, in 1956, to define his work as "existential realism". His artistic expression proceeds, almost always, in thematic cycles, in the manner of film sequences. First of all, there were his so-called "green paintings", devoted to the relationship between man and nature (1971-1973), then the "Supper" cycle (1975-1976), after that the 20 paintings and fifteen studies of "Imagination and memory of the family", dating from the early 1980s; the series "Evening or reflection" started from 1985. His most recent series of large canvases, exhibited in 2000, is entitled "Nocturnal".

Sughi has taken part in all the most important collective exhibitions of contemporary art, from the International Biennale art exhibition in Venice to the Quadriennale in Rome, as well as various exhibitions that have been held abroad, charting the history of Italian art from the 1970s until today. Italian and foreign museums have held large retrospective exhibitions; among the most significant are the Gallery of Modern Art in Bologna (1977), the Manezh Gallery in Moscow (1978), the Museum of Castel Sant' Angelo in Rome, the Fine Arts Museum in Budapest and the National Gallery in Prague (1986), the Civic Modern Art Gallery in Ferrara (1988), the Casa Masaccio in San Giovanni Valdarno (1990), the Assis Chateaubriand Art Gallery in Sao Paolo in Brazil (1994) and the Civic Museum of San Sepolcro (2003). The artist has taken part in the cycle of exhibitions entitled "The search for identity" in Cagliari, Palermo and Ascoli Piceno (2003-2004), the exhibition "Evil. Exercises in cruel painting" at the Hunting Lodge of Stupinigi, in Turin (2005), and the exhibition "Intimate Portraits from Lotto to Pirandello", at the Regional Archaeological Museum in Aosta (2005) .

In 1994, Alberto Sughi was appointed director of the Ente Quadriennale Nazionale d' Arte in Rome.


Alberto Sughi is a regular blog author at absolutearts.com. Read his most recent blog at: http://blog.absolutearts.com.

Centro Studi ed Archivio della Comunicazione (CSAC) dell'Università di Parma

The Study Centre and Communication Archives at the University of Parma (CSAC) was founded in 1975 with the institutional aim of collecting, safe-guarding, preserving, cataloguing and for the consultation of cultural material. It is divided into five different sections: Art, Media, Projects, Photography and Performance.

The Alberto Sughi retrospective collection within the CSAC Collection is part of the activity of exploiting and presenting important trusts and collections of 20th century artists, including the following: Accardi, Afro, Bill, Birolli, Boero, Burri, Ceroli, Fontana, Guttuso, Morellet, Morlotti, Arnaldo Pomodoro, Schifano, Sughi, Tadini, Tilson, Vostell, Xiao and the great masters of photography, including Dorothea Lange, FSA Farm Security Administration, New Photography USA, Lee Friedkabder and Man Ray.

CSAC carries out this activity with the help of contributions by museums and public and private institutions.

Alberto Sughi
Goodbye to the Red House, 1992

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