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Indepth Arts News:

"January 2006: Jenny Page, Carol Byrne, Marc Deeleman, Jorn Ladegaard, Carmen Sanzsoto"
2006-01-06 until 2006-02-02
Marziart Internationale Galerie
Hamburg, , DE Germany

For the month of January 2006, Marziart Internationale Galerie in Hamburg, Germany, present works by Jenny Page, USA; Carol Byrne, United Kingdom; Marc Deeleman, Netherlands; Jorn Ladegaard, Denmark; Carmen Sanzsoto, Spain. The pieces feature in this exhibition vary from sculpture to oil painting to silk paintings. Marziart Internationale Galerie is owned and operated by artist Marion Zimmerman and her aim is to offer a space where international artists can present their works to the German public as well as providing a meeting place for artists and the arts community.

Jenny Page comments about her own oil poantings, "Since an early age, artistic expression has been a natural form of communication for me. The creative environment provided to me by my parents,has nurtured me in the appreciation and love of art in all of its forms. My work reflects the emotional and physical relationship to the subject as well as the subject to its surroundings. Still maturing as an Artist, and developing my style, I work in all media exploring the full potential of my evolving work.

"Currently, I am working on a series of work investigating the personal interpretation and psychology of Dreams. The Dream Series began as my self therapy for nightmares. In discovering my own vision of dreams, inner conflicts, and emotion, this series comes together in various forms, from paintings and drawings, to mixed media and sculpture. Written down, or vividly remembered from dreams, text represents single dream symbols, while images depict an event or feeling within the dream. This work helps me to better understand my life experience, while discovering the psychology behind each dream and symbol, as well as, how it is interpreted by myself, and other individuals with similar experiences. With these elements I hope to create work that investigates emotion behind the visual aspect while sharing hidden intimacies of my own life. I have received powerful feedback from this series, in that; public interaction with the work evokes dialogue and emotion.

"Due to the vivid nature of some of these dreams, it will be interesting to see what develops, and how future work in this series is interpreted. I hope to continue this investigation throughout my career, allowing it to grow and evolve. I hope that in viewing this work, you will be inspired to find your own journey of self discovery."

Jenny Page has been a Premiere Portfolio Member at absolutearts.com since 2004. View more of her work at: http://www.absolutearts.com/portfolios/j/jennypage/.

Jenny Page
Dreams are true while they last
Oil on Canvas

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