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Indepth Arts News:

"Reflections of the Natural Women: De Bohemian Soul"
2006-03-12 until 2006-03-31
LáFIA House Gallery
Los Angeles, CA, USA United States of America

LáFIA HOUSE Gallery nestled within the Brewery Artist Colony in downtown Los Angeles will host De Bohemian Soul art exhibition: "Reflections of the Natural Women". De Bohemian Soul is a multicultural art project of the Ire-Metta Foundation that presents various artists from diverse cultures and disciplines. This presentation is in honor of the 2006 Women's History Month. The art exhibition will feature a collection of insightful artworks by women artist who share a common respect and love for the natural world.

Linda Vallejo is a renowned national and international artist born in California. Vallejo‚s work exudes confidence and passion. A spiritual aura hovers around her provocative images reaching out for the collective consciousness. The primary element that distinguishes Vallejo's work is the intertwining of various natural and human forms resulting in a powerful effect.

Gurpran Rau is a native of India now living in Santa Monica. Her work investigates at a molecular level, the internal essence shared by all beings: the generic blueprint of humanity. She claims through her work that the beliefs built around race are myths, not science. Rau acknowledges there are no genes for race, and all human DNA is 99.9 percent identical.

Adriana Vargas Allin is a resident of the Brewery Artist Colony, emerged as an illustrious artist with her artistic process she coined visual linguistics. Her body of work is the study of how we create and interpret language, and what influences our interpretation of written words and imagery.

Glynnis Reed is an exceptional African American artist. Her work explores issues of identity as it relates to how the social environment shapes our perceptions. Glynnis‚ art also deals with indigenous African culture by connecting today‚s norms and mores with ancestral heritage.

Nicola Dill, a native of Germany, presents exquisite photographic art. Her passion for nature inspires her landscape and abstract work, capturing the serene beauty and meditative qualities of the natural world. Her visuals are moments of quiet poetry and instill the desire to find rest within them. They speak to our universal longing for peace.

Margaret "Quica" Alarcon was born in East Los Angeles. Her work is an exploration of issues concerning health, love, and spirituality. She draws her inspiration from nature, ancient and indigenous philosophy and her life experience. Quica's works are reflections of her struggles as she tries to define her identity:  "I am a spiritual being learning what it means to be human."

Joyce Kingsbury lives in Ojai, California. Joyce's artwork probes the architectural archetypes and nostalgia for what is lost. Her work presents questions of time, location, season, and meaning. Romantic traditions of the past and pragmatic concerns of the present mingle and ask what is real and what is imagined.

Sandy Chestnutt is a wildlife and landscape artist residing in Pasadena CA. Her artistic intent is to capture on canvas the spiritual and emotional moment that connects her to nature and infuse that feeling into the viewer so it becomes their spiritual or emotional moment. Her personal growth as a painter is primarily through observation of technique and practice. Honoring her Native American heritage, she gives thanks to the Great Spirits gift by giving back to Mother Earth through her paintings. Spiritually she finds purpose in that and hopes to share that inspiration to those who see her art.

The Ire-Metta Foundation is a tax-exempt 501C(3) organization established to educate and promote awareness of indigenous cultures, values, principles, and philosophy through written and oral literature, theater, music, visual art, and a wide range of educational and social programs for children and adults. The Foundation serves today's society by providing multicultural educational and community development programs founded on common sense and imagination.

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