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"Memories and the Heart: Zazah G. Van den Broeck"
2006-03-17 until 2006-04-22
Dagmar de Pooter Gallery
Antwerp, , BE Belgium

Today Modernism's mechanistic view of the human body still provides the basis for Western medicine. Ultimately, we are looked upon as, albeit infinitely complicated, machines: a conglomeration of different parts, the purpose of each being clearly, and often exclusively, determined. One of our 'components' is the heart. Its function as pump remains uncontested throughout much of the Western world. But the heart is much more. "Memories and the Heart" work by Zazah G. Van den Broeck runs at the Dagmar de Pooter Gallery from March 17 through April 22, 2006.

In this exhibition Zazah G. Van den Broeck gives expression to this "much more". She does not challenge, oppose, counter or try to convince in a rational or argumentative way; but, instead adds, broadens and opens - perhaps even positively complicates - the, sometimes over-simplistic, clinical account of this vital organ. In her work, she interprets and articulates the effect of its pulsating movement (at once an aimless back-and-forth and an endless repetition), as "movedness". The fact that on the one hand, the heart is moved, is pulsated; on the other, that it also moves, moves us. It is as emotionally affected as affecting. Since it is, thus, a guiding force (not just of our bodies, but also of our life in general), it is an intelligence, a centre of energy, information and memory. But all of these are uncoded and raw: without currency or exchange value. In Eastern traditions the heart has consciousness; how we feel in our hearts is an ontological matter. Zazah's own heart beats in and through each of these works. Due to the fact that they are unmediated, raw personal expressions of emotional states and of deep memories, they reach beyond the personal into the over- or prepersonal and affect the sensitivised viewer. As each work beats and moves at a different rhythm, each viewer is moved differently. However, we need to open our hearts as much as our eyes. As Antoine de Saint-Exupery already said, "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly: what is essential remains invisible to the eye". Text: David ULRICHS.

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Zazah G.Van Den Broeck
"heartbeat" , 2004
Finger Painting

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