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Indepth Arts News:

"Identity Crisis: Works by Atlanta, Georgia Artist Christopher Hauck"
2006-04-26 until 2006-05-10
gallery twenty-four
Berlin, , DE Germany

Gallery twenty-four / Berlin and Artist In Residence International (AIRI) announce an exhibition of new mixed media paintings by US artist Christopher Hauck April 26– May 10 with the vernisage on May 05, 7-12 p.m. The works arrive in Berlin following a preview exhibition in Atlanta’s Arts Without Borders Gallery in February and March. This exhibition, Hauck’s first solo international exhibition, will be held during the fourth Berlin Biennial, “bb4; Of Mice And Men".

This series of works are an obvious departure for Hauck, both stylistically and normatively, departing from his painterly voice and approaching more of a graphic arts and advertisement aesthetic. Considering the narrative of the works, a series titled “Identity Crisis”, Hauck’s detraction explores the commoditization of identity that occurs in all socio-economic striates; the person as product. Through a mixed media of paint and marker, Hauck investigates the mutually non-exclusive blurring of consumer and consumption; the “we are what we eat” materialization of identity in contemporary marketplaces and societies that are influenced by shifting cultural norms.

The UPC’d figure is central to all of the works, placing the individual’s identity squarely in the middle of the four P’s of a capitalistic culture; product, place, price, and promotion. Influenced by mass customization, on demand programming, always on multi-media information, user defined desktops, personal digital assistants, global distribution chains, and just in time inventories. All of which force the individual’s identity to the fringe. On one hand reducing our identity to a percentage point in a market share statistic and on the other hand liberating individual identity through mediated and technology defined personas.

The works both explore, and beg the question of, where all of this leaves the individual’s identity. Is our identity determined by MAC cosmetics and plastic surgery and kept alive by way of intravenous infusions of reality TV and talk radio? The “me too” persona on slow-drip life support. Or is there a new found freedom of individual identity and global self expression, blogging, podcasting, public authoring, and cyber-dating our way through shifting cultural norms and disintegrating geographic borders all of which afford us multiple and distinct identities?

Hauck received his BBA from Georgia State University in 1998 and his M.ARCH (Master of Architecture) from Georgia Institute of Technology in 2005. He has studied painting and drawing at the Atlanta College of Art and has exhibited his work in selected exhibitions in New York, Atlanta, Fort Lauderdale, Louisville, Columbus, Denver, Pittsburgh, and Fort Worth among other locations. His studio is located in the Castleberry Hill art district in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Hauck is also working on a photo-historic project of the East Side Gallery in Berlin with Berlin artist Guenther Schaefer. The exhibition, titled “[de]construction”, will be exhibited in Chicago, Illinois USA in July of this year.

Gallery twenty-four was founded in 2001 with the sole purpose of offering autodidactic and undiscovered artists a venue to exhibit their works in a professional gallery environment. It has continued to be the goal of the gallery to provide its member artists with the freedom and ease to cost effectively tailor an exhibition to suit their individual needs. By doing so, we enable artists the opportunity to present their artistic talents without the commerical restraints imposed by traditional galleries. This system has further given the gallery the ability to ensure its stability and vitality so that artists can be assured a place to exhibit their creations on into the future.

Artist In Resident International (AIRI) is a 501c3 non-profit organization based in Atlanta, Georgia US. The organization introduces, organizes and support projects that offer the opportunity promote cultural ties through the visual arts. By creating a platform for artistic dialogue, AIRI strives to strengthen the bonds between Atlanta and Atlanta based artists and other international institutions and partners. Our international exhibition and residency exchange program enables artists to partake in projects that can impact their individual careers, as well as reflect positively upon Atlanta within the global community. Our partners in these endeavors include experts, decision makers and leaders in the fields of art, business, culture, education, media, politics and scholarship.

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