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Indepth Arts News:

"Four Views: Denise Campbell, Charles Reddington, Yoli Salmona and Jules Sher"
2006-04-28 until 2006-05-24
Sydney, , AU Australia

"Landscapes are culture before they are nature; constructs of the imagination projected onto wood and water and rock. Landscape and Memory," Simon Schama. Four Views presents four artists; Denise Campbell, Charles Reddington, Yoli Salmona, and Jules Sher who paint within the prolific landscape genre at Charles Hewitt in Sydney. From vibrant abstract expressionism to abstract, layered pigmentation and impressionist painterly views. In this exhibition, each artist’s work is like a view through a window pane. Views can be banal, but with a diversity of style, medium, cultural background and perspective, a painted landscape can provide a glimpse, an atmosphere, an angle in time, a new possibility for the viewer.

Charles Reddington an abstract artist in both form and intention is affected by the Australian landscape. Reddington originally an abstract expressionist from the US, first moved to Australia in 1959 and in 1963 exhibited at the original Hungry Horse G allery in Paddington, along with such artists as Bill Rose, John Olsen, Frank Hodgkinson, John Coburn and Robert Hughes. Now living on the NSW South coast, Reddington paints the mood of landscape not its physical manifestation. “Abstraction is a symbolic language that an artist produces to discuss things which affect him. I paint my environment: warm weather, cool nights, the sea around me, the changing atmosphere. I try to capture the feeling.”

Jules Sher is also an established Australian artist, he studied at the Johannesburg art school in South Africa and at the Central School of Art London and now resides in Perth. Sher works in abstraction. “The source of my work is an internalised expression of the visual experience of flights over man-made marks in the landscape – dispensingwith the horizon of previous works, and further reducing images to close-up fragments.The paintings have become layered informal geometric spaces balanced to achieve elegant design, light filled clarity and composure, while colour establishes a sense of harmony and luminosity.”

Denise Campbell studied at the National Art Scho ol and is inspired by Australian outback travel, particularly from the air. “High enough above the land I can see the flow of the earth’s crust, the magnicent patterns and blending of colours that point to the history buried beneath the surface. Layer upon transparent layer my paintings unfold, as I am drawn to the sto ry of the land which is underpinned by the flow of forces that create it.”

Yoli Salmona studied at Ecole Superieure des Art Decoratifs, Paris and Charlie Sheard Studio. “I grew up in France, surrounded by a landscape which was covered with snow all winter long. I longed for the sea. Now living in Australia, I was alerted by a CSIRO report about the uncertainty facing the future of snow in Australia: in about sixty years snow could be a distant memory.... I have become passionate about painting snow landscapes.” Salmona is a Premiere Portfolio artist at absolutearts.com. View more of her work at: http://www.absolutearts.com/portfolios/s/salmona/.

Yoli Salmona
Oil Painting
50 x 45 x 2 cm
US$ 1200

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