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Indepth Arts News:

"Call for Artists: Join an International Art Movement"
2006-05-10 until 2006-05-10
International Society of Artists
, , SE Sweden

Art is unable to be a server or material. It is also not peculiar to man to be a means. Man is always the purpose. An artist's life is a struggle without stone in heart. It is a struggle for the rights of art in people's consciousness. We know many examples, when spiritual vacuum has been filled up by horror. Main task of our century is a task which had not been known by humankind before. It is inevitable process of global understanding and integration between people and nations. The globe became small. Such problem can be solved only by transition of all into high level of consciousness. Only then the small globe will not be close. Indeed, in the contemporary situation „Art opens new door for learning, understanding, and peace among people and nations‰, as Kofi Annan has said.

It is coming Era of a New Renaissance.

Artists should struggle for the rights of art; at least artists must be struggling for their human rights to have possibilities to earn a living by their professional work. Artists struggled in the time of Renaissance; they had created art-market in Florence, which did let Renaissance to be. A huge work has been done by artists of the past centuries - art has got a prestige in the society. People have already understood that art is important part of human life. Now contemporary artists are responsible for the destiny of art, therefore we can not be passive. We should not leave art for despotism of persons who do not care about art. We are for mutual understanding between people who are partial to the destiny of art and artists, to the destiny of the world. We are applying to artists, to all who are working with art including critics and media, galleries and dealers responding for art; we are applying to people from the governmental and financial institutions; we are applying to all. All together we will create International Art Movement, which should grow like Olympics, which will awake wide public interest to art, to a spiritual life. People are tired of politics and business, because a Human Being is not a machine or robot feeding his/her own physical existence only. People must have an alternative.

A New Renaissance will bring art to people, and will let people to be judges of art.

About us: We are International Society of Artists (ISA), organization of artists and for artists. Our Artists' Statement is based on An Open Letter from Artists. The signatories of this letter note that "Many human conflicts arise from a failure to recognize cultural complexities or from perceived threats to cultural values", and that "It is time to secure the rights of artists globally". According to the words of Kofi Annan, "Artists have a special role to play in the global struggle for peace - Art opens new door for learning, understanding and peace among people and nations", we are working for creation of International Art Movement. United Nations appreciates the purposes of our request to them in the Open Letter to Kofi Annan from Artists, and wishes success with our endeavor.

International Society of Artists maintains a Gallery Portfolio at absoltuearts.com. View works by artists at: http://galleries.absolutearts.com/galleries/artsociety_isa/index.html.

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