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Indepth Arts News:

"Pleasant: Suspended Thoughts"
2006-08-19 until 2006-09-16
GO Gallery
Amsterdam, , NL Netherlands

On Sunday 20th, Pleasant created his small independent public installation in the surroundings of SMCS. Pleasant is an artist with years of experience. He was born in the deep south of the USA in Savannah, Georgia. Pleasant would later attend both the renowned School of Visual Arts and the renowned Pratt Institute both in New York City where he studied under the tutelages of several internationally renowned artists. Some of his mentors have included NYC abstract painter Michael Goldberg, artist Kenny Scharf and renowned LA/NYC illustrator Jack Potter. Pleasant hails from a family of distinguished artists and Fulbright award recipients.

Pleasantís grandfather David Carter was a widely recognized sculptor who exhibited at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC during the 1940ís. Artist Pleasantís father was a recognized regional painter in the Savannah area. Pleasant has performed in the capacities of painter, sculptor, curator and installation artist. Soaking up influences from New York Cityís East Village guerilla art scene to South Londoní and Berlinís art scenes, Pleasant has created his own enigmatic style which reflects his lifeís amazing path. Pleasant has a habit of turning up in places where one would least expect. Often his public ĎSuspended Thoughtsí installations can be seen briefly on various monuments and statues as well as galleries around the World. Pleasantís art is featured in the homes of various Hollywood celebrities and renowned academics. Pleasant has given various art workshops and art lectures in which his audience ranges from collegiate academics to young children. Though originally trained as a figurative artist, Pleasantís firm grasp on structure and anatomy are reflected in his current work, which borderlines on a figurative conceptual type of expressionism. His art has evolved over the years into an unusual blend of various styles and mediums.

Suspended Thoughts:

Pleasantís suspended thoughts are a unique and innovative approach to the process of presenting art. Inspired by a series of trips past New York Cityís port authority in the late 1990ís. Followed by trips to the Savannah sea port located near Pleasantís deepsouth (shotgun House) art studio. At that location is where large cranes and hooks could be seen 24 hours a day loading and unloading cargo ships, this served as a model for this art series. There the dangling of massive shipping containers. Their surface smooth and square, suspended by cables and wires. The simplicity and complexity of this imagery fascinated Pleasant scientifically as well as creatively. Suspended thoughts art installation is constructed as a series of art pieces that are manifested from personal experiences. The assumption is that there is a pre-determined pattern of order in which the way art is currently presented. With Suspended Thoughts, the continuous shifting of works creates conflict and debate as to how and why the art works do not remain stagnant. This however is separate from the individual artworks. Each painting represents a different thought, a personal observation of a social reality, of joy or analysis of self. Though often introspective, the works are also reflections from observations of humanity. They are suspended to present a sense of chaos and order, which is in contradiction and in harmony. The artist Pleasant feels that this matches the true nature of reality where logic, irrational action and thought are one but separate, conflicting yet in balance. The works are suspended in space, constantly shifting with change.

Featured on the backs of various painting are a series of titles and loose poems. Some titles may or may not be related to the visual imagery presented on the reverse side. Some titles are mildly controversial, while others are very subtle. This allows for each individual art piece to interact with the other. Overall this creates a very engaging experience for the observer. Pleasant art attempts to bring the observer closer to his/her inner-self thru an art that refuses to be abrasive but offers to promote a general sense of self understanding and self discovery. No theme is ignored, no topic is too outrageous. Often Pleasant art bounces from the controversial to the humorous. No matter what style or subject matter, all of Pleasant's art features the same level of in-depth emotional presence that is his ongoing trademark.

Suspended Thoughts is a totally new concept in contemporary art.

Pleasant has been a Basic Portfolio Artist at absolutearts.com since 2005. View more of his work at: http://www.absolutearts.com/portfolios/t/tateberlin/.

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