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Indepth Arts News:

"Adri A.C. de Fluiter: A Retrospective"
2006-08-26 until 2006-09-17
Pulchri Studio
Den Haag, , NL Netherlands

In the 2005, it was 25 years ago that visual artist Adri A.C. de Fluiter began his career as a professional visual artist. On that that time he was already 40 years old and graduated from the Royal Academy of Art at ‘’s Hertogenbosch (NL). From the beginning there was a lot of interest in his work. He started with sacklike, soft forms lined up in the environment. Monumental site specific projects, for example in Amsterdam (NL), Paris (F) and Germany. Until 1985 the works were only monumental with sometimes sketches and drawings, but from that year on there appears also smaller objects. Also at that time the sacks changed ito ‘wrapping sculpture’. The fabric used for the sacks was used in stripes to enwrape it around skeletons made out of wood and steel. A method which made it possible to make large scale site specific projects with not to much technical assistance. This wrapping monuments took also international interest and from that time on De Fluiter worked in several countries and on several continents. Europe, USA, Japan, Corea etc.

Many times the site specific installations were combined with exhibitions of his drawings, small sculpture and paintings In the late nineties the wrapping sculpture was changing into the flamelike forms. This flames came out of the wrapping cocoons and established as independent elements. The flames became the logo of the artists and he developed the slogan ‘the flame of art moves the world’. Flames are appearing all over the world. On meadows and mountains but also dancing on the water till about 2003. This year the flames got a new partner. They has to deal with tables. The table as a symbol for hospitallity. But the tables De Fluiter is producing look unstable and are pointing at the uncertainty of live.

From 2005 on the artist was discovering the natural flames in the world around him. Flames like you can see for example in the crowns of trees. This crown show the energy (flame) of the tree and you can mark it on a way that people can be aware of it. So this principle was starting point of large scale tree-projects. Crowns of trees were partly enwrapped with dark red or shiny red fabric to show the treeflames. To make this projects embedded in the local situation De Fluiter was also looking for special historical data’s in the region. For example in Taiwan ( a project with 106 gum trees at Shihmen Reservoir) he put on the trunk of the trees bandages made from fabric with the traditional Chinese flower print. And in the Netherlands ( a project with 40 huge oak trees) he made on the trunks a bandage in black and red in memory of a occurrence in World War 2.


In the center of the exhibition in The Hague is a new installation called ‘Treeflames, circle of chalk’. It is made out of pieces of oaks enwrapped in red and black and crowned with a flame made out of plywood. Around this piece one will see drawings, sculpture, paintings and a number of photographs from worldwide executed installations.

Adri A.C. de Fluiter has been a Premiere Portfolio Artist at absolutearts.com since 2003. View more of his works at: http://www.absolutearts.com/portfolios/d/defluiter/.

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