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"Davide Tirelli: I Don't Throw Bombs, I Make Pictures"
2006-10-23 until 2006-10-30
Light Gallery
London, , UK United Kingdom

Davide Tirelli, a well-known Italian artist presents his latest works created from bitumen on canvas and cardboard, and a selection of the most important works from his artistic career including fire-sculptured plastic lava sculptures and reinterpretations of baroque paintings on road signs, at the Light Gallery at 5 Porchester Place W2 2BS in London. The exhibition takes place between October 23 and 30, 2006. Davide Tirelli has been a Premiere Portfolio Artist at absolutearts.com since March 2006.

In order to understand his way of visualizing art it is necessary to consider the parallel between two époques: that of the fall of the Roman Empire and ours (the apogee of information and of fashion). The former produced the “laus fumi et pulveris” (eulogy to smoke and dust) which shows how a decadent society with no cultural prospects could vocally exalt anything whatsoever. Contemporary art, made up of works that more and more often require an “instruction handbook” to be understood, is showing signs of the same perverse and dangerous effect of that Latin saying of almost two thousand years ago: deprive people of imagination, of freedom of interpretation, of the possibility of comparing their own tastes, of their own feelings towards the work of art itself.

The work of Davide Tirelli keeps the deepness of the unconscious intact, and therefore the dream through a twisted language, that boils and explodes in almost sonorous forms. It is such an innovative and avant-guarde art form that it should be breathed, not understood. He says, “… these days the artist has the responsibility and moral duty of not creating in people alienation or a sense of inadequacy towards a work of art. In order to avoid a possible cultural collapse it makes sense that the artist act in a revolutionary fashion, certainly not producing the artist’s faeces in a jar as was done 40 years ago, but by returning to “humble” himself in front of the canvas, the material, the immediate creative process, making himself the humble interpreter of universal values that allow the spectator to hear something good happen in his mind. There is the need to forcefully burst, and in the direction of Life: that is why I don’t throw bombs, but make pictures.”

Davide Tirelli was born in 1967. He lives and works between Milan and Cannes. He has displayed his works in several group and personal exhibitions in Europe and the United States. He has also collaborated in staging some important theatrical pieces, among them the prestigious “Hamlet Suite” by Carmelo Bene. His works are among those in a number of contemporary art collections, both private and public (one of which is that of UBS in Switzerland). In 2002 he realized the “Scudo Pardo”, the prestigious prize of the Locarno Film Festival. Among his admirers are Luciano Pavarotti and Sharon Stone. The latter, acting as auctioneer during an auction for charity in Cannes last May, sold one of his canvases. He is very sensitive regarding humanitarian causes and, on Princess Stephanie’s invitation, will donate one of his works to the charity auction to be held in Monte Carlo in December for the Fight Aids Association. At the same time some of his works will be sold by the prestigious Schulerauktionen in Zurich.

View more of Davide Tirelli's work at http://www.absolutearts.com/portfolios/t/tirelli/

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