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Indepth Arts News:

"Art Scholarship to be Established"
2007-03-05 until 2007-12-31
Daniel Robert Lynch Foundation
San Francisco, CA, USA United States of America

On September 22, 2006, a young college student attending the Academy of Art University in San Francisco was walking to the Bart Train Station in Oakland, on his way to school. This studentís name was Daniel Lynch. Dan was in his third year of studies working toward his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Computer Animation and Visual Effects. Dan was a happy young man with a dream. Ever since grammar school Dan wanted to be an artist. In high School he became enthralled with computers. So he decided to combine his love for art with computer technology to pursue his education in Computer Animation.

Dan had many obstacles in this journey but was determined to succeed. That fateful day in September, while walking to the Bart station, listening to music on his Walkman with his backpack on his way to class, Daniel was attacked and killed. Dan had a calm demeanor, a capturing smile and was fun loving. He was known for his wit and humor and his ějust beî personality.

A perpetual scholarship program is being set up in the name of Daniel Robert Lynch for the purpose of helping other students pursue their education and dream in the Arts. The website was recently launched that tells briefly about Dan and the scholarship program www.dansinspiration.com . The scholarship program is in the process of being recognized as meeting the IRS 501(c)3 tax exempt statute. A gift store will be on the website with some of Danielís artwork and items that encompass Danielís themes available for purchase.

The website is now live on the internet. Please pass the website name on to friends and family. With your help we can keep Daniel's memory on going and help future fellow artists.

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