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Indepth Arts News:

"Paint + Pixels......Art for the 21st century"
2007-03-03 until 2007-03-31
Orange County Center for Contemporary Art
Santa Ana, CA, USA United States of America

The Orange County Center for Contemporary Art (OCCCA) presents three digital art pioneers, Karen Schminke, Pamela Keilson, and Ellen Jantzen who will be pushing the boundaries of this new media showing examples of the possibilities that computers offer the fine artist in its. 'Paint + Pixels ....Art for the 21st century' exhibition. "It doesn't matter how the paint is put on, as long as something is said." Jackson Pollock

Renowned leader in digital fine art Karen Schminke of Seattle, Washington will be exhibiting her latest mixed media digital and lenticular prints. Schminke received her MFA from the University of Iowa in 1979, where she began working in the field of computer graphics, images in Basic. Since then she has developed and taught digital and traditional art and design classes at the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire, California State University Northridge, The Art Institute of Southern California, and Shoreline Community College. Schminke has worked on Mindset, IBM, Macintosh and Amiga systems, and has given numerous regional and national presentations on her work. Her Art is exhibited frequently in international, national, and regional exhibitions including Los Angeles, and has been published in dozens of books and publications.

She has authored and co-author numerous publications on digital art including "Digital Art Studio: Technologies for Combining Inkjet Printing with Traditional Art Materials" Watson Guptil, 2004 with co authors Bonny Pierce Lhotka, and Dorothy Simpson Krause; "Paint & Pixels, Just Paint," Golden Artist Colors, Inc. January 2006; "Fine Art and the Flatbed Printer" Digital Graphics Magazine, September 2005; "Selecting a Printing Surface" Big Picture Magazine, December 2004; and Creative Printing "Photoshop Collage Techniques" to name just a few."

She is a founding member of Unique Editions and a member of the digital art collaborative, Digital Atelier® a printmaking studio along with Dorothy Simpson Krause and Bonny Lhotka with locations near Boston, Massachusetts; Boulder, Colorado; and Seattle, Washington. In conjunction with the Unique Edition and Digital Atelier artists, she received a Computerworld Smithsonian award for visionary use of Information Technology for her work in co-organizing and participating in a three week artist-in-residence at the National Museum of American Art in Washington, DC.

Karen's work is inspired by nature, "I go to nature to find calm and spiritual retreat combining images to create complex spatial relationships, depth and illusion." And now my art provides me with a means to capture the essence of the environments I encounter and to share the core of these experiences. Using mixed media I employ layers of imagery in my prints, chine colle, paint, etc. to better replicate the layered complexity of the natural world. Those who view my art must travel inward to consider their own relationship with the natural world. As viewers bring their own experiences into the interpretation of the work, spaces and places therein become familiar to them. The presence of the computer is hardly noticed in Karen's work although they are completely designed using complicated digital imaging software, a powerful computer and a state of the art printer.

OCCCA member Pamela Keilson of Irvine finds her inspiration from “snapshots” of American life. “I am involved with themes that are inspired by life, with the depiction of familiar objects that are both personal and universal. Our objects represent our culture. In seeing these ”snapshots” I invite the viewer to draw from the work what he will according to his visual life capacity. The presence of the computer is also missing in Pamela’s work. Using brushes created in Photoshop, she virtually “paints” her pieces on the computer. The final compositions are printed on state-of-art wide format inkjet printers and then enhanced using traditional painting. Graduating with a BFA from California State University San Francisco, she worked in commercial interior design in San Franciso and has just recently returned to the fine art community after discovering photoshop. Karin Schminke’s work inspired her to continue in this new media. http://www.pure-art.biz/

Artist, Ellen Jantzen of Valencia, California creates digitally manipulated “landscapes”. With a degree in graphic arts and fashion design, she brings a unique approach to her work. “In general, I am intrigued with parallel universes, space/time warps and other manifestations of altered, alternative realities.” I begin by staging “landscapes” with a variety of objects, either man-made or natural. The set-ups are essentially ephemeral “sculptures. I take digital photographs of these assemblages then alter the images using various drawing and photography software programs. I layer, re-color then re-manipulate even more until I’ve achieved my particular goal with the piece under development. Working with my computer allows me to see in new ways; it allows me to be surprised by the outcome and the possibilities. http://www.ellenjantzen.com/

Karen Schminke
28 x 22 inches
3-dimensional lenticular print

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