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Indepth Arts News:

"Gysemberg Pleases Belgian Queen with a Portrait"
2007-03-08 until 2007-12-31
Belgian Monarchy
Brussels, , BE Belgium

Patrick Gysemberg pleases the Belgian Queen with a portrait in blue. The blue action painting portrait, the first one ever created, as it is a combination of action painting and realism (portrait), is now in possession of her Royal Majesty Queen Paola of Belgium. The artist Patrick Gysemberg had made the painting as one of a series of local celebrities he used on an art action together with the stores of a Belgian city, to promote commercial activities in September 2006. As this event has concluded and several painting were sold, the action painter remained with a collection of about 60 paintings of local and international celebrities. Patrick Gysemberg has been a Premiere Portfolio Artist at absolutearts.com since 2003.

One of those paintings is the blue painting of the Queen of Belgium today, her Royal Highness Queen Paola. The portrait reflects a younger woman, when she had been still a princess. The paint of this extraordinary portrait itself has a superior role in the whole action painting, and the dripping, the splashes, the spots and the seemingly random way the paint had hit the canvas are part of the end result which still is a recognizable portrait.

Because of these portraits, Gysemberg got the idea to incorporate them into his personal promotional activities, since he does not receive any supportive funds from the government. He thus sent some of the better portraits to local Belgian celebrities. They all responded very surprised and were unanimously very happy with this unique commercial gesture.

In November of last year, Gysemberg had already sent a smaller regular portrait 40cmx50xm of his Majesty the King Albert II to the Queen so she could surprise her husband with the portrait on the occasion of year's end. Gysemberg received a “thank you letter” from the Queen. “The Blue Paola”, is a much bigger canvas, it measures 60x80cm and it has a special meaning for the painter since it is the first action painting portrait he had ever created. Because of its rare character, Gysemberg had first sent a letter to the Queen to ask her if she liked it. But, as he knew, according the Royal Belgian protocol, questions may not be asked to the members of the royal family, and thus Gysemberg did not receive an answer, which he had not expected anyway. So after sometime, he decided take a chance and to hope that she would like the painting, which is according to the used proceeds and general colours (blue) quite extraordinary. And so he sent “The Blue Paola” off to the Royal Palace. Only a week later he received again a “thank you letter” from the Queen, in which she had expressed her explicit gratitude for receiving her “blue younger self” on a canvas. So she liked it after all...thank god (just a matter of speaking, since the painter is an atheist).

Patrick Gysemberg has works in several European and US collections. View more of Patrick's work in his Portfolio at absolutearts.com http://www.absolutearts.com/portfolios/m/mylifeisart/.

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