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Indepth Arts News:

"Broad Thinking: A Group Project with Chris Twomey and Peggy Cyphers"
2007-08-04 until 2007-08-31
Silent Space
Kingston, NY, USA United States of America

SILENT SPACE, E32 and BROADTHINKING.ORG ARE PLEASED TO PRESENT "BROADTHINKING," THE INNAUGURAL SHOW FOR THE NYC BASED COLLABORATIVE BROADTHINKING.ORG, FOUNDED BY ARTISTS CHRIS TWOMEY AND PEGGY CYPHERS. Dedicated to the advancement of innovative ideas promoting the continued existence of all living things on the planet and beyond, broadthinking.org is a changing amalgam of artists who come together with intent. The first "BROADTHINKING" exhibition presented at Silent Space and E32 is the next manifestation of "women's work" and offers "Broad Thinking" by female artists who, by necessity, must be the new visionaries. These women offer concepts, rather than finger pointing and irony - to clean up the mess left by greed, lack of tolerance, arrogance, and stupidity.

Using economic, social, and historical themes, these artists create work through the filter of their gender and propose direction. Ethnically diverse, young and old, the ideas can be subtle and the forms elusive, but "female" is at the core of this new political and social movement which offers tangible possibilities. Celebrating the leadership tradition of the "Yin", the Hindu "Kali" or the Greek "Athena," this "BROADTHINKING" exhibition signals a paradigm shift for a viable future, offering broad thinking on big picture topics like peace, ecology, and society from various perspectives and from many walks of life - all female.

Peggy Cyphers - "Star Nebula" paintings, 2007, are inspired by recent images science has brought us of our universe: images of distant star nebula, subatomic space, the deepest recesses of earth's seas and of the human mind. These paintings envision a meeting; a brief interlude between cosmological time and cultural time, the micro-and the macrocosmic, the personal and the celestial. A cast of "characters" - animal, vegetable, mineral - cling to this moment as to the paintings rectangular edge.

Ellen Levy -"Assembling Space Debris," (reproduced) and "Retrieval Through Nuclear Heat" are Levy's visual interpretations of registered patent proposals that deal with technological disasters (space shuttle accidents) or call for one advanced technology (nuclear waste) to have access to another (to retrieve oil).A continuation of Levy's long-term commitment to the exploration of the intersection of science, technology, art and the environment, levy collaborates with inventors, perusing patent databases to create genealogies of invention.

Pam Longobardi - In "Drifters" Longobardi photographs and collects marine debris that was washed up on the South Point of Hawaii. The currents transform the debris into a colony of drifters that temporarily gather on the beaches awaiting the next hurricane or big swell. At first glance, the worn toys and plastic seem innocent and fun, but these remnants of consumer society, underlines the emblems of our so-call amusement; the outcast and outgrown material paralleling our own existence in many ways.

Gulsen Calik - "Egg Mending." One summer, when Calik was seven years old, she went to visit a great aunt living in Turkey. The Aunt suggested that she go to the hen-house, as she called it, and see if there were any eggs for her. Calik found two, but just then, the singular cock of the house started pecking at her, and in her terror, while shielding her face; she broke both of the eggs. She felt anguish and attempted to put the eggs back into their original state. The series, "Mending Eggs" was born that day.

Tina Potter - "Wonderland" and "Over the Limit." Potter's visual output is based on the rapidly changing 21st century in which experiences are accelerated, fragmented, re-cycled and compressed into ever-denser layers of visual and mental input. The brain follows its own defined circuitry, trying to excavate, sort and make order: exploding genetic nuclei, TNT, the sensuality of flesh, and the coldness of glass and steel. In charting this process, Potter acts as both a sieve and a regurgitator.

Chris Twomey - "Madonna Series: Portraits" probes identity and gender politics. Inspired by Renaissance paintings, Twomey asked personal acquaintances, all professional working women, to pose as "Mother and Child." Twomey photographs them in a documentary style, with both boy and girl as the iconic "child." The idealized "Madonna" of religious Art is democratized, ennobling these women in a "reality based" societal and personal role for the 21st Century.

Kathleen Vance - "Boundsticks." Vance distinguishes forms that are indicative of growth and determines how actual growth processes can transform the identity of these forms within artificial environments. Referencing nature, Vance displaces its material origins and reactivates it. Through her intervention, the branches are dislocated from their position in a larger system; their decay is delayed as their identity is redefined within the context of a new structure.

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