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Indepth Arts News:

"Pham Kien Giang: Immortal Art Declaration"
2007-08-26 until 2007-09-09
Aroma d.d Gallery
Hanoi, , VN Viet Nam

Paintings collected for an exhibition “Immortal Art Declaration” of artist Pham Kien Giang is result of all what he has tried with his confidence and passion. As a self- taught artist, Giang always feels “inferior” that Giang was not educated in Fine Arts schools, was not called artist graduated or certificated from a Fine Arts University. However, it is inferiority that helps Giang try to practice tirelessly with strong passion. Giang’s efforts in the art road really deserve to be respected; from a person passionate for art he has devoted himself to art. Giang has to research and study by himself as well as has no help or instruction of any teachers in art. Giang’s only teacher is experiences and what he spent and self-comprehend when everyday contacting with art and paintings. Giang works hard; for him, in order to succeed in art and have paintings affecting man’s heart, painting also needs real working of artist as well as his professionalism and hard training. It is the first factor to make artist success. Pham Kien Giang has been a Premiere Portfolio Member at absolutearts.com since 2006.

Passion for painting – painting works which are vivid, effective, expressed and possible to communicate artist’s soul has had a strong attachment for him during seven past years. Seven years are not so short but seven years for art’s training are not still long enough. However, Giang’s seven-year working probably is as long as twenty-year average working of a professional artist. Giang has painted thousands of paintings, drawing then erasing, drawing then erasing. He does not also remember clearly that there are how many works on each canvas. Giang has painted them by his own hands, then erasing, then cleaning to make canvas new and then drawing. That process happens repetitively. And now his paintings we are seeing today have been damp with his sweat and even with his blood. It is the truth when he cleans hard and thick oil-paint layers from old canvas to paint new paintings on that

In the process of hard training, Giang always remembers a saying of Picasso and it is the only encouragement but very strong for him in training: “For me, a painting is the sum of destruction. I draw a painting, and then destroy it later. But ultimately, I lost nothing. Red I take from this place will appear in other one”. And Giang has understood that saying in both its literal and figurative meanings. He has also tried like that.

Giang’s works for this exhibition is a vivid proof for his tireless efforts. It is sweat, effort, result and an affirmation.

Giang’s works firstly bring to us admiration and respect. We respect artist who self-educated but has created really professional works. We respect Giang by his tireless working spirit and effort, by his paintings which are high quality artworks. We sympathize with Giang because his works has affected man’s heart. And we perceive about Giang through his works as a real and complete artist.

This exhibition of artist Giang with such crystallized works is very suitable with title of exhibition the artist chose: “Immortal Art Declaration”. It is “immortal” because it is created by immortal spirit and soul of the artists.

Let us enjoy Giang’s emotions through his paintings. And this is his feeling in literature:

“One day I ask myself that who am I? And then I go to seek for myself – somewhere in this world. I go to find out myself – somewhere in this life. I go to discover myself – somewhere in this person.

"Painting leads me to go to discover myself.

"Saying about my art, I do not want to argue so much but only want to express what I feel from bottom of my heart and to paint like as the inspiration from myself, like as what I feel”.

By van thi ngoc hai, manager Aroma d.d, Art Dealer & Management Services Translated into English by Aroma d.d, Editorial Desk Hanoi June 1, 2007

View more of 's work in his Premiere Portfolio at: http://www.absolutearts.com/portfolios/p/phamkiengiang/.

Pham Kien Giang
Title: Plucking Tea Leaves
Year Created: 2007
Medium: Oil Painting
Width: 130 cm
Height: 110 cm
Depth: 2 cm
Price: US$ 1250
Purchase this work via absolutearts.com.

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