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"Call for Artists: LIFE EXCHANGE PERFORMA 07 Project Offers New Yorkers The Chance To Exchange Lives"
2007-10-18 until 2007-10-21
Wooloo Productions
New York, NY, USA United States of America

Wooloo Productions, a Berlin-based art collective working from the outset in the online artist community www.wooloo.org, invites international artists to exchange lives with New Yorkers during PERFORMA 07 - Oct. 31st to Nov. 6. Artists interested in performing a Life Exchange can apply online at www.wooloo.org/lifeexchange until October 21st. 2007. Following the deadline, the 10 most dedicated applicants will be selected to begin the Life Exchange ritual with Wooloo Productions in New York.

Taking place in the Chelsea apartment of author Nancy Weber - the first recorded New York citizen to have conducted a Life Exchange (The Life Swap, 1974) - the Wooloo project invites both artists and members of the public to exchange lives with other individuals for a chosen time.

The Life Exchange ritual begins on the day of Halloween (Oct. 31st) and runs for one full week until Nov. 6th 2007. For this period Wooloo Productions will be living with Ms. Weber in her home at 449 West 24th Street, Apt. #1, New York, NY 10011. Visitors will be able to enter the apartment every day from 12-9 PM by ringing the bell. Once inside, the visitors will be guided through interviews and re-dressing rituals by Wooloo Productions and - if s/he so chooses - the visitor later leave the apartment dressed in another person’s clothes and carrying this person’s keys and life details.

Known from their 2006 project AsylumNYC - in which the group detained 10 non-U.S. artists in the art institution White Box and had them compete for a 3-year visa - Wooloo Productions is once again creating an experimental situation to examine the construction of social reality.

“Where our previous projects have dealt directly with the movement of bodies over national borders, or the status of these bodies within certain borders, the focus of this work is not on change of place, but rather on change of being,” said Martin Rosengaard, member of Wooloo Productions. “Life Exchange is concerned with intimate immigration. This is a piece about trust, how we in post-9-11 society are taught to assume strangers pose a threat until they prove otherwise. It’s about developing means by which to overcome distrust,” he said.

The Life Exchange project will continue online after the end of the New York performance. Individuals interested in performing a Life Exchange can apply from anywhere in the world at www.wooloo.org/lifeexchange.


Wooloo Productions is a nomadic production company working from the outset in the online artist community www.wooloo.org. Currently based in Berlin, Wooloo Productions creates collaborative projects and situations in which the wooloo.org community participates. Every Wooloo production begins by researching a selected power structure. The project then attempt to replicate the mechanisms of the given structure, insert itself into its matrix, and ultimately offer the possibility for an alternative mode of existence. Wooloo Productions have applied their participatory projects and performances in such places as: Artists Space, New York City; 25th VIBER Festival for Film, Video and New Media, Basel Kunsthalle; White Box, New York City; and Nikolaj Contemporary Art Center, Copenhagen. For more information, see www.wooloo.org.

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