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Indepth Arts News:

"Call for Artists: International Art Award PREMIO ARTEINGENUA 2008"
2007-10-25 until 2008-01-18
Arteingenua Spa
Brescia, , IT Italy

Call for Artists: PAINTING, SCULPTURE, AND PHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION FOR YOUNG ARTISTS (20-40) "IMPACT – ART place and relationships". ARTEINGENUA Spa makes its bow on the international contemporary art scene as an innovative space and new kind of modern patronage. It is inspired by the need to discover, understand, evaluate, and diffuse - through operative and cultural strategies – new forms of art that, more than ever today, demonstrate the force to be found in a rediscovered expressive purity, a necessary spontaneity in “art making”, in a multifaceted growth of pictorial, plastic, multimedial, and performing languages.

The key word for this new integrated system for contemporary art is INGENUOUS, and in it is mirrored a new methodological approach to the expressive purity of young and so of emerging contemporary artists.

This purity is shown in various forms which, at times, have re-emerged from a past that is both historical memory and a generational clash, but vibrating with the joy of “giving” to everyone an awareness of the great possibilities of each artist.

For ARTINGENUA the propulsion behind art starts in less known and, in a certain sense, less eloquent areas which are also less dominated by, and impermeable to, prevailing ideologies: it is to this world that ARTINGENUA wishes to offer its help with an overview that is still INGENUOUS, still open to suggestions and in search of what is yet to be born. The organisation of competitions for young artists is not a new idea but what is innovative about this one is the amount of the prize money. This will allow, on the one hand, worthwhile young artists to study and deepen the languages and themes of the contemporary art they feel most in accord with, without having to “limit” or “sell” themselves but, rather, to concentrate on themselves without having to market their own artistic abilities; on the other hand these prizes will allow a qualitative gain in the form of the works presented for the eventual exhibition.

For ARTINGENUA to give an economic reward means above all “enriching” the mind rather than the pockets of young artists: to give them, in other words, the possibility of really concentrating on their own future without anxiety or the fear of having to sacrifice themselves in other activities having nothing to do with their wishes or real potentiality. The international competition “ARTINGENUA prize 2008” is placed, then, within a wider

context: ARTINGENUA is, in fact, concerned with its artists’ “full time” and aims at realising together with them the projects and continuing collaboration so often absent in the art system, establishing long-term, focussed strategies and moves. In this context of initiatives and working methods identified and followed up by ARTINGENUA is to be placed the first edition of “ARTINGENUA prize 2008” which offers a range of prizes that is quite exceptional, even internationally, especially considering that this is a privately organised award: in fact the first prize amounts to 30,000.00 Euros; the second 7,000.00 Euros; the third 3,000.00 Euros, for a total of 40,000.00 Euros. The competition plans an exhibition, a substantial catalogue with reproductions of all the works admitted to the competition itself, biographies of the artists, and critical essays. The show of the works, the voting, and the adjudication of the prizes will all take place in an important venue, yet to be decided on, in Italy.

A carefully selected jury, consisting of persons of note from the following categories:

Art criticism
Architecture and design
Poetry and literature
New media

All will be a guarantee for both discovering the artists’ real abilities and for giving them concrete possibilities for becoming known and appreciated.

The theme that the ARTINGENUA prize 2008 proposes is:
place + relationships

It is, then, a provocation more than a proposal, an attack more than an invitation, that ARTINGENUA offers young and emergent contemporary artists, calling on them to take part in a competition that, for the first time, aims at having an IMPACT on new expressive languages, with yet to be discovered artistic forms, as is described in the outline supplied with the competition notice. In this are to be found the three central themes by which the artists are free to be inspired.

Anna Leopoldo
Via Corfù, 106  
Tel. (+39)

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