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"Seasons of the Angels: Works by Marian Zidaru, Victoria Zidaru and Daniel Stancu"
2007-11-01 until 2007-11-13
Gallery Ho
Seoul, , KR Korea (South)

Gallery Ho in Seoul, Korea presents Seasons of the Angels: Works by Marian Zidaru, Victoria Zidaru and Daniel Stancu. Zidaru, Zidaru and Stancu are all represented by Narcis Art in Bucharest, Romania. The Zidaru Phenomenon (Marian and Victoria), or Case, as it was called, exploded after 1990 in the Romanian artistic environment, which was more and more marginalized, but also in larger spheres. Daniel Stancu’s plastic creation is divided, at first view, in two big areas: one regarding easel painting and the other is what it is called traditionally icon. It is said “at first view” because a closer look will show that these two areas are merging, so in the end, they cannot be one without the other. Narcis Art promotes their artists with a Gallery Portfolio at absolutearts.com. Marian Zidaru has been a Premiere Portfolio Artist at absolutearts.com since 2003 and Daniel Stancu maintains an Artists Portfolio.

The sensational, the elements of uncontestable surprise, which have constantly backed the Zidarus manifestations after 1990, have gradually converted into quasi-normality, were transformed into a certain habit. The artists’ activism, the regular rhythm of their public appearances – exhibitions, performances, publications, production of icons – their perseverance, which was, in a sense, indifferent to the echoes and their nature, remain just as impressive. The routine, the repetition, the constancy can induce a sensation of excess, of fullness, of lack of measure, but at the same time they institute, complementary, a state of expectation. The presence of the artists Zidaru in Bucharest’s landscape has become, in a way, normal, natural. Each of their appearances brings a sum of already known elements, which are repetitive, recognizable but are combined in different articulations and syntaxes; their appearances also bring a dose of novelty, well integrated in an ensemble that has stable coordinates. Each new manifestation insinuates a feeling always perceived as comforting, a feeling of stability, of the unchangeable, and never of rupture. Deliberately or not, the strategy of the Zidarus counts on this effect. Their work does not contest, does not mock, does not search, but with each new exhibition keeps on affirming the assumed religious belief, with an unaltered conviction, and calm (but not resigned) perseverance.

Daniel Stancus easel painting has been developing during time in several major themes: the house, the mystical shirt and the cup. His main themes are classical ones and were used across time by many others known artists. The neo-orthodox trend developed in Romania through its representative artists in Romanian culture, artists who seemed to exhaust these subjects, hence making it difficult to find a new approach to these themes. Daniel Stancu had the determination to try and say his own personal opinion regarding these subjects using plastic arts.

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