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Indepth Arts News:

"Call for Artists: “Moved Wind” Announces its 4th Art Competition"
2008-01-07 until 2008-04-30
District of Waldeck-Frankenberg
Korbach, , DE Germany

moved wind 2008 will take place in a charming region in northwest Germany. All art objects, installations and other expressive art forms, referring to our theme wind form, are welcome (deadline for registration is 30 April 2008). The rural district of Waldeck-Frankenberg close to Kassel presents in its pretty and varied surroundings all these wind(y) art objects from 17 until 31 August 2008. An exciting supporting programm links the exhibition places with guides, concerts, biking tours and (wind) picnic. Wind in all its forms certainly is the lynchpin of this Land Art exhibition – just as, in a wider sense, the relationship between art and nature.

The theme wind form refers to the proverbial effect of wind. First, wind realizes itself in its forming effect on things, nature or mankind. In wind form, wind is form and form is wind. No boundaries for any idea are fixed. The organizers aim to realize even special objects.

The winner of the art competition moved wind 2008 will be awarded with 2500 Euros. Artists of all disciplines are invited: fine arts, poetry, and architecture or performing art. In addition, there is an award for children and youth, endowed with 300 Euros. We offer a special workshop for children with the artists.

From its very beginnings, moved wind kept the flag flying for international and tolerant aspects of art. This is why we are sincerely encouraging contributions from international artists! Art (and wind) are linguistic systems, known and understood everywhere in the world. At the same time, Land Art, art or nature, or wind engender different questions (and answers) for artists in diverse countries such as the United Arab Emirates, in Ireland or Germany. It is not without reason that the wind art performance in northwest Germany (nearby Kassel) has awarded prices to artists from South Korea or Surinam (see below).

In the same way, the organizers of moved wind wish to see a variety of art walkers to see the Land Art happening in the charming region Waldecker Land: on foot, by bike, alongside the water — or in your own hot-air balloon.

Wind, meteorologically simply the airflow of atmosphere, is not only a global phenomenon – wind is as varied a matter as art itself. This fertile analogy gave the art-nature agenda its (windy) vision when, in 2004, the area district in Hesse was looking for an integrative tourist program for its charming landscape. The artistic director of moved wind, Reta Reinl, anticipated what now resounds throughout the world: an ubiquitous and serious awareness of nature. When protagonists themselves see culture as antagonistic to any ecologic engagement, this then requires fresh ideas. moved wind was a plus factor in this year’s comparison between national parks across Germany.

Every two years the Land Art exhibition seeks to illustrate the relation between art and nature (topics of the last years were “wind for gaming” and “windspaces”). In addition, the concept of moved wind renders homage to the forming motivation of the Land Art movement in the 1960s: to create artworks, acting not in the museum but in the landscape.

moved wind is organized by the area district Waldeck-Frankenberg near the art city Kassel. Another partner is Geopark Waldeck-Frankenberg. Its organizational role is crucial: the region is a geological center of knowledge thanks to its primeval heritage. The Korbacher rift und the primeval sausage dog “Procynosuchus” are only two examples of the geological attractions in Waldecker Land.

Further information, registration details and other important facts about the art competition moved wind 2008 are available at www.bewegter-wind.de. Or can be sent by mail or fax on request.

The deadline for the art competition is 30 April 2008.
The art object must reach us until 16 June 2008.

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