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Indepth Arts News:

"Nature and Landscape in Art"
2008-01-10 until 2008-02-08
Gallery at Willesden Green
London, , UK United Kingdom

The Gallery at Willesden Green in London exhibits "Nature and Landscape in Art" from January 8 until February 8, 2008. Featuring a selection of artists exploring Nature and Landscape through a variarity of art forms and styles, artists exhibiting include Linda Duffy, Elizabeth Chojak-Mysko, Ruzen Sedlarova, Sabine Thoele, John Blandy, Keara Stewart, Julian Boulter, Mary Pritchard and Belinda Syme. The Gallery at Willesden Green was re-launched in December 2005, and we intend to turn it into a vibrant community space where new ideas will be incubated and encouraged, where unknown and talented artists will find a place to display and perform, and where art becomes accessible to everyone in the community.

Linda Duffy explores structures in nature through abstracted systems mimicking the forces at play in natural environments. The drawings exhibited in îNature and Landscape in Arté evidence the process of their creation and result from following a series of paths in the system, with each outcome being dependent upon decisions made at points of intersection.

Elizabeth Chojak-Mysko was born in Poland; she studied Art and Stage Design in the Academy of Fire Art in Cracow. She has worked in the theatre, opera, and TV and has created 38 stage designs. Simultaneously she has created a great number of paintings in oil and watercolour. Her paintings are inspired by the endless changes in nature, revealing strong contrasts of light and shade with a wide spectrum of colours.

Elizabeth's work has been exhibited in galleries in Poland, France, Australia and Britain and has been acquired by private collectors in these countries and in Germany, Italy and Japan.

Ruzen Sedlarova. The Beauty of English gardens: there are varying ideas of what is beautiful, and this is equally true of gardens as with people or artwork. Some prefer wild gardens, while others would rather view a garden with complex design and a sculpted landscape. There is some of both in the immensely enjoyable English Landscape Garden, a design with both simplicity and aesthetic beauty. It is no wonder this is the style chosen for many public parks and buildings.

Sabine Thoele: my sculptures start their life as imperfect asymmetrical lumps of stone. Each of these shapes presents a unique challenge and I often start a sculpture without a fixed idea. The stone itself seems to have ideas about what it wants to become and I spontaneously follow what the stone is revealing - using a line or an irregularity in the stone as the starting point. Shapes that frequently combine human with animal or plant form emerge. Faces are often only hinted at, leaving it to the viewer to make their own associations.

John Blandy is a landscape painter. For the last ten years he has been following a lime tree on a daily basis. The essential element of the work is to combine a conceptual approach with traditional depiction, encouraging a dialogue on many levels. The artist John Blandy is a graduate of St Martins School of Art and the Royal College of Art. He has travelled widely and has shown regularly in group and solo exhibitions, particularly at Cassian de Vere Cole Fine Art (2001-3) and at the Francis Kyle Gallery ( 1985-95). He is represented by the Video Art Gallery . Installations from the series "Following the Lime Tree" are part of the collection of Hammersmith Hospital and St Georges Hospital, Tooting. Further portraits of trees have been exhibited at Guildhall, Kingsgate Gallery, Tricycle Gallery, Cassian de Vere Cole Fine Art, The Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital and Leeds Royal Infirmary.

Blandy's Tree Project is a complex, many-layered body of work. It involves the artist and the public in a dialogue about the process of perception, creation, cataloguing and exhibiting of the event.

Keara Stewart graduated from Camberwell College of Arts in 2007. Her work is informed by architecture, both the processes of building and demolition. Found wood and disassembled objects are used as base materials for creating new structures that reveal - on a human scale - evidence of the transformation of materials over time. Using salvaged materials, the work explores the idea of individuals in cities and our compulsion to constantly renew and re-order.

Julian Boulter is a UK based photographic artist specialising in landscape photography, he has a deep passion for the natural world and has photographed extensively in some of the UKs most beautiful landscapes, those of the English Lake District, Snowdonia national park in Wales, and the Scottish Highlands. His artistic statement is - ''With my photography I strive to depict the natural beauty of the place I am photographing, the magnificence of the raw landscape, and also the way I felt when I stood in that place with my camera' - words to describe these feelings would be uplifted, peaceful, solitary, inspired.

Mary Pritchard: I first took up photography on a serious basis to learn how to photograph my work and to record images that I wanted to use for inspiration, particularly from the natural world. However, I soon became totally obsessed with the medium. I find the opportunity to express myself in a two-dimensional medium complements my practice as a ceramicist. My main love as a photographer is landscape and nature ł both on a large scale and in celebration of details, although I have been working on other projects also. I have been using film with a traditional SLR camera and have now started using a medium format camera. I have also experimented with using liquid light printing old photographs onto different materials.

Belinda Syme: I usually paint landscapes or make images which are informed by my travels and Australia, where I grew up. Occasionally I use visual reference but more often I work from imagination and memory, thus the outcome ranges from fairly realistic to abstract. There are also underlying concerns relating to destruction, order and symmetry - both natural and man made, which permeate my subject matter.

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