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Indepth Arts News:

"Call for Artists: The Green Lion"
2008-02-28 until 2008-03-31
Cesi Palace, Camaver Kunsthaus
Acquasparta, , IT Italy

The Green Lion is the name of the event which is going to take place in Acquasparta (TR) during the whole month of June 2008. The most important part of this occasion will be the great contemporary art exhibition organized by Camaver Kunsthaus International. The artists' artworks, strictly selected by the Gallery, will be exhibited in the wonderful halls of Cesi Palace. The 2008 edition will be the fifth time of the prestigious exhibition. In accordance with the previous editions, this group exhibition will be part of the Renaissance Festival of Acquasparta; it will involve several artists coming from all over the world. Owing to their personal experiences and their different artistic languages, the artists create a multi-varied event that, as was the case with earlier editions, will be exceptionally interesting from many points of view.

Green Lion is the ambitious title of the artistic event that will present, not only paintings, but also sculptures, photography, literature, music and movies. The exhibition is inspired by one of the most important members of the group of Renaissance scientists and inventors who made up the "Lincei Academy" at Cesi Palace: Giovan Battista Della Porta. Della Porta was a Universal Man, he was the Vice President of The Lincei Academy but, even more so, he was one of the most important men in his time. He was an alchemist, he invented the camera obscura, and he was one of the first to write many books about modern natural sciences, physiognomy, cryptography and optics, among others. The Green Lion was the symbol used by alchemists to encompass different concepts: it represents the natural world: both the vegetable and the mineral kingdom; it was the symbol of the lymphatic energy of plants, but also of the process of transmuting metals. The green lion was often associated with VITRIOL (acronym of an ancient Latin: "Visita interiora terrae rectificando invenies occultum lapidem - veram medicina". ("Visit the inner earth and by discovering your true self you will find the hidden stone - the real medicine.) Furthermore the Green Lion represents one of the essential stages in the alchemic process: transmutation, evolution, generating substances. Very often the lion has been portrayed with the sun into its mouth, trying to swallow it. This symbol is a kind of synthesis, implying the act of regaining control over both natural and vital energies.

We can consider alchemy as being something more than an ancient form of science: it linked science with metaphysic. Natural sciences and occult sciences became intertwined, with the aim of finding explications for natural phenomena. Alchemists aimed at creating an elixir for longevity, as well as the famous philosophers' stone. This was an attempt to overcome the lack of balance they observed all around them and which they defined as diseases. So alchemy became a way of controlling spiritual energy through unique acts, and by means of a number of specific symbolic rituals, corresponding to particular procedures (putrefaction, calcination, distillation, sublimation).

Finally, we can consider the Green Lion as a representation of the "creative spirit itself", described as the agent of any interior transformation. In other words, art becomes a process not mediated by the intellect, but by pure instinct, the handmaiden of the creative spirit. The “Green Lion” exhibition in Palazzo Cesi in Acquasparta will present many of the results manifested by this creative spirit.

5th Great Exhibition In Cesi Palace, Acquasparta (TR)

Introducing Camaver Kunsthaus International: Camaver Kunsthaus ( www.camaver.com ) is an International art Gallery whose legal office and main Gallery are in Luxembourg. The Art Direction is located in Lecco at the representative Office in Italy. Since years, it has own show rooms in the most important cities in Europe (Paris, Berlin) and USA (Boston). One of main target of Camaver is opening the art market and to get artists exhibit beyond their borders.

Some words about Ancient Palaces Exhibition:

"Ancient Palaces" is the brand under which a collection of highly prestigious events has been carried out by Camaver during the last years. These initiatives have leaved a mark of quality and of meaning in the world of the contemporary art.

Camaver decided to exhibit the best of contemporary art in ancient and famous istitutional palaces. Places where the men history has become art history during the centuries.

As usually during the year 2008 Camaver is proud to propose to its clients and artists some very exclusive exhibitions in selected special locations: some of the most important artistic and historical palaces in Italy. The first seasonal Great Exhibition will be organized at the historical "Palazzo Cesi" in Acquasparta (Umbria) ant it will be the 5th edition there for Camaver Kunsthaus International.

The event will take place the next June in one of the most famous historical italian palaces: "Palazzo Cesi", in Acquasparta (Terni), Umbria. The Palace has been erected in 1650 and, after a great history (it was the foundation place of the Lincei Academy), since recently belongs to the University of Perugia and to the Municipality of Acquasparta. It is located in the heart of Umbria and in the center of the town just in front of the Major's office; by car it is only 25 km highway from Terni and 50 km from Perugia but it is very well connected also by bus, train and taxi. Inside the Palace the exposing surface is around 12000 square meters divided in several artistic halls.

The month of June is very important because in Central Italy all the most important cultural attractions are organized in June. Our group exhibition has been inserted in the official publication of Regione Umbria among other important events.

Such event, branded "Ancient Palaces", is under the high sponsorship of the Municipality. The exhibition offers to the artists the unique possibility of communicating their own witnesses about their time to the future generations. The program called, and well known as, "Ancient Palaces" has officially started in 2003 and the main exhibitions have been the followings: Palazzo Terragni in Lissone (MI); Villa Tittoni in Desio (MI); Palazzo Cesi in Acquasparta 2004 (TR); Luxembourg Palace in Paris, Abbey of Vinetz in Chalons-en-Champagne; Cesi Palace in Acquasparta 2005; Visconti Tower in Lecco, Cesi Palace 2006, Martinengo Palace in Sondrio, Cesi Palace 2007 in Acquasparta (TR), Lords of Modica Castle in Alcamo (Sicily). A dynamic, international and open minded management that creates a linkage between modernity and national traditions but in forms and modality always different.

- Location: Cesi Palace (built in the 16th century) , Acquasparta (Terni)
- Period: From the 23rd of May to the 23rd of June 2008
-The artists are invited to take part to the opening of the exhibition the 31st of may.
- The presence of the artists is highly recommended
- Each artist can present 4 artworks (medium size) and we guarantee at least 3 artworks showed. Camaver Kunsthaus Art Direction expressly reserve for itself the choice of the artworks to be showed.
- Artworks must be sent ready to be hanged.
- The artist have to send the partecipation form in due time.
- The artist have to send pictures and prices of the proposed artworks (high definition is required) to Camaver Kunsthaus art Direction together with the partecipation form.
- The artist have to send their own updated C.V. to Camaver Kunsthaus art Direction
- The participation fee is Euros 340 euro. It can be paid in two times: 50% at the reservation and 50% one month before the event beginning.
- Camaver Kunsthaus takes a commission of 20% on the total sale price of all artworks.

Camaver Kunsthaus takes care of:
- Exhibition preparation and organization,
- Inaugural party at the "vernissage"
- P.R.: press releases, invitation cards, brochures, posters, contact with radios television and press for interviews.
- Specialized guided tours of the exhibition during the event
- Critic support
- Qualified presence and guide during the entire exhibition
- Security
- Help for accomodation and travel information for artists

For further details or any questions, as well as to organize your participation, you can contact Camaver Kunsthaus via email or telephone +39 328 5930092 asking for the Art Director Mr. Marcello Cazzaniga.

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