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"Number Trance Face: Solo Exhibition by Rajinder Singh"
2008-03-29 until 2008-09-30
O. Fournier Galleries
Mendoza, , AR Argentina

The management of O. Fournier Galleries, a premier art gallery in Mendoza, Argentina is proud to present Number Trance Face, a long-planned and exciting new exhibition of paintings by international multicultural artist, Rajinder Singh. This is the first time that paintings of this successful and prolific Malaysian artist, who was recently selected as one of 20 emerging artists to represent Asia by a juried competition in Hong Kong, will be shown in Argentina. The grand opening of the exhibition will took place on Saturday the 29th of March, 2008 at the O. Fournier Winery. The President and founder of O. Fournier Mendoza, José Manuel Ortega Gil-Fournier opened the exhibition. Rajinder Singh has been a Premiere Portfolio Artist at absolutearts.com since 2006.

Artist Rajinder Singh’s FACES collection was launched in France in June 2007. The large format paintings of women in Rajinder’s life are painted using numbers that represent the numerical equivalent of beauty. “The exhibition will feature paintings of faces of women who have exerted a strong influence in my life. Wife, sister, actresses, radio jock, author etc. what is in their faces that make them such strong women? What is it that they share in the shape of their eyes, their lips, their noses? Each face is painted using only numbers and mathematical equations as I attempt to ask the question: what is the numerical equivalent of lovely?” says Singh.

“My art practice has always been based on the wonder of the abstract codification of pure thought we call mathematics. I am motivated by the aesthetics of elegant mathematics now in my art as I was as a mathematician in my past. On the other hand I nurture a sceptical viewpoint on the role mathematics play as the inevitable language of choice of science and its prevalence in our lives. My art practice lies within this dialectic – in the contradiction between my two conflicting viewpoints, adopted as the determining factor in their continuing interaction. In FACES, I confront this dialectic. I engage with my experience of the aesthetics in high level mathematics to paint faces of women that stand prominent in my visual history in the hope to question the ideas that correlate the two and the ramifications that might emanate from any tangible success in such an endeavour”, continues Singh.

Rajinder invites his audience to view his paintings through a sieve – a sieve made of mathematical objects that pack a substantial amount of information on the way we might view beauty. He invites viewers to engage not analytically, neither synthetically, but in a way that combines both modes and feel/intuit the correspondence in the aesthetics of the combined beauty of my mathematics and the underlying beauty of my faces.

But most of all he wants his audience to evaluate mathematics and its place in our lives. Is mathematics something necessary for life as “art” and not just “fact” and does its value lie in, as Polkinghorne said, as an “abstract key which turns the lock of the physical universe”, or is it the most self-flattering, self-aggrandizing trivia game ever invented?

Rajinder’s paintings are beautiful paintings of beautiful people about beauty, both physical and mathematical. And perhaps the mathematical equivalent of lovely might even act as the perfect sieve to reveal a new dimension to this supreme force of human experience affecting real and lasting transformation in us. Art and maths are but languages through which we attempt to understand that which is ineffable.

About the artist:

Rajinder’s extensive background in Mathematics is the driving force behind his successful art practice. He has been painting all his life. His work has seen considerable exposure worldwide. Rajinder was recently selected as one of 20 emerging artists to represent Asia by a juried competition in Hong Kong. He will be showing in London, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Korea, New York and Argentina in 2008. He lives and works in Singapore.

About O. Fournier Winery:

Not only is O.Fournier winery architecturally one of the most innovative wineries in the world, it produces excellent, well-crafted, world class wines. The winery, situated at the foothills of the Andes, in the breathtakingly beautiful Argentinean province of Mendoza, makes for the perfect location for world's best art and artists. The owner, Jose Ortega, a known art collector, wants not only to make world class wines but hopes to establish a place where great art, great wines, architectural excellence and stupendous Andean beauty coincide. And in Uco Valley with its perfect microclimate and terroir, O.Fournier’s winemaking artistry is keeping abreast with the best while serving as a hotbed for art and culture from around the world.

View more of Rajinder Singh's work in his Premiere Portfolio at absolutearts.com at http://www.absolutearts.com/portfolios/r/rajinder/.

Rajinder Singh
Title: Muse V
Year Created: 2007
Medium: Mixed Media
Width: 133 cm
Height: 157 cm
Depth: 5 cm
Price: US$ 7500
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