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Indepth Arts News:

"Richard Solstjarna to Exhibit During April"
2008-04-03 until 2008-04-21
Sala Barna
Barcelona, , ES Spain

Richard Solstjarna, swedish Fine artist, will exhibit at Sala Barna Gallery in Barcelona, Spain from April 3 to 21. Sala Barna Gallery is located at the Place Molinas Barcelona, Spain. Richard Solstjarn has been a Premiere Portfolio Artist at absolutearts.com since July 2004. INternational art critic, Antonio Malmo, comments about Solstjarna, "An Artist that has the art of the past studied, has the concepts, the themes, the atmospheres, the social, political, economic and cultural motivations understood, but above all has studied in deep the painting of the TWENTIETH CENTURY that we have left behind. We must acknowledge that our artist has brilliantly surpassed this gold thread without leaving delude from stifles and current, of the present and of the past."

In his compositions we can assign enter to the abstractionism, but we must set, place in evidence that RICHARD SOLSTJARNA has know give at the work a original voice, "his" voice, rich of emotional tension, sincere and passionate. It shrinks from the banal stupidity. His heart vibrates of the poetic accents of rare intensity and the moment of the inspiration is always intensively lived.

His work vibrates of luminosity, of brightness, of heat and of solarity. In some of his compositions seem stupendous effects of lunar brillances. Really, actually there is a relative abstractionism because it is moderate from figures, very singular and stylized creatures that we appreciate for the intimate, secret spirituality, that these animates.

In his painting we can notice, observe sentiments, feelings, intuitions, interesting solutions of signs and colours and expressed imaginations with stupendous chromatic inventions. Colours heaps selves expand, free, light, slight, ethereal in the context of the canvas, with a expressive language, that we can comprise only with the soul!

His extreme sensibility, the delicacy of his sentiments, the lyric inspiration that he pervades in the moment of the creation of the artwork, are very present in every his composition.

He himself manifests a nostalgic note, expressed with light and gauzy colours from the painted figures. Themes, full of memory's, of spatial heartbeats, modulated with notable ability, that betray a attentive and thin observation's spirit, but as well a illuminated spirituality's breath and, in my opinion, we can define all that as his preculiar characteristic expressions way, that tends to the infinity in the inspiration. In fact, in the painted atmospheres, it seems to us to feel a sweet, delicate music to come from the infinite spaces, traveled from remote sileness, in which we can with facility notice the sensations of RICHARD SOLSTJARNA.

The execution's velocity, the swiftness or rapidity of the pictorial gesture and sign, confirm the spontaneity, the genuiness of his painting, deprived of the unnecessary, useless academic ornaments. Away from every formalism in his painting, with warm colours or as well in modulated contrasts among the self, the artist puts in evidence his creative singularity. In fact, in his paintings, we find mysterious enchantments, desired tenderness and joy's singings, that confirm his artistic sensibility, signs and soul's vibrations, witness of his humanity.

I must underline that RICHARD SOLSTJARNA is a brilliant narrator of colours, of anxietys, of hopes, of joy of life, very far away from the social and environmental context where unfortunately lives the contemporary society, alienate always more from the thirst of economic-politic power, that represent false values, offerted from the dominant system that like this deludes, cheats the man and deprives him of his freedom, of his fancy, of his fantasy and of his creativity. But these are only momentory, temporary soul's states, because the artist fundamentally loves the life in all his manifestations of joy and pleasure and we can him very note from the light, from the luminosity, from the brilliance of the colours and from the spontaneity of his emotions represented always with great expressive strength.

I would have wanted cite all the very beautiful RICHARD SOLSTJARNA's paintings, but it is to me impossible practically and for this reason, some I will cite only; LIFE IN MOTION No.1, TALLY HO!, JOY, TRANSFORMATION, TRANSITION, DEVOTION, LIFE IN MOTION No.8, SACRIFICE, LIFE IN MOTION No.2, LOVERS, SELFPORTRAIT, TIMETRAVELLER, LIFE IN MOTION No.4, EXPRESSION OF LIFE No.3. In my opinion, the above mentioned works represent the very evident and concrete testimony of his exquisite, delicious, human qualities. The cordiality in the relation with his fellows, the humility, the kindness, the simplicity and the respect of others personality are any innate gifts.

Certainly if we could admire all that in the paintings of our artist, we must acknowledge, recognize that it has considerable more than merely a pictorial capacity. His palette is very moved and variegated, necessary, indispensable for can bring again on the canvas his emotions, his joys and his hopes, as man and as artist at the beginning of the third millennium.

Deep connoiseur of the chromatic scale, with great ability, it obtains in his artworks any chromatic balances of superb artistic depth and for this motive the light's harmony reigns in every composition.

RICHARD SOLSTJARNA applys perfectly the perspective's laws. The sign is light, slight, almost absent, because the chromatic mass determine forms and volumes in the work's context. In my opinion, the analysis of his paintings proves a reality, transfigured from a convinced, passionate participation and confirms his humanity's charge in all his complexity, in the figures, in the symbols, in the signs and in the allegory's.

It is not important which techniques and which means it uses: the result are always excellent, without pauses and without chromatic fractures and for this motive it has obtained the favorable public's and critic's consents in every artistic manifestation of that it has participated.

I do not have any difficulty to admit that RICHARD SOLSTJARNA is a sincere, authentic artist, a presence among the more remarkable, in the international panorama of the fine Arts.

Antonio Malmo, International artcritic, Italy, Expert in Modern
Art, Member Dell'Accademia D'Europa di Napoli, Dell'Unione della Legion
D'Oro di Roma, Dell'Accademia Internazionale "Il Perseo" di Firenze.

View more of Richard Solstjarna's work in his Portfolio at absolutearts.com http://www.absolutearts.com/solstjarna/

Richard Solstjarna
Title: Tally Ho
Year Created: 2002
Medium: Acrylic Painting
Width: 19 inches
Height: 22 inches
Depth: 2 inches
Price: US$ 6500
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