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Indepth Arts News:

"Volere Volare - Will to Fly"
2008-04-05 until 2008-04-20
Il Ramo d'Oro
Naples, , IT Italy

This solo exhibition of work by Vincenzo Montella at Il Ramo d"Oro opened April 5, 2008 with introduction by Franco Lista. With his desire to fly Vincenzo Montella inhabits the world. Perhaps it is in line with Pier Aldo Rovattiís 'housing the distance', which poses a both strange and fickle question: "What difference between being somewhere, near something or someone, and not really being there at all?". Living such a complex "space" (which coincides, in fact, with Vincenzo Vitiello's 'topology of the modern') requires both a strong desire and the ability to fly. Rather than Kunstwollen, then, it is Flugwollen which Montella uses in a seductive way in his desire to fly hermeneutically over the entire paradoxical condition in which we live, with its countless contradictions. Il Ramo d"Oro promotes their artists' works with a Gallery Portfolio at absolutearts.com. This solo exhibition of work by Vincenzo Montella at Il Ramo d"Oro opened April 5, 2008 with introduction by Franco Lista. With his desire to fly Vincenzo Montella has been a Premiere Portfolio Artist at absolutearts.com since 2001.

The images which result from Montellaís aerial wanderings succeed in linking real experience to fantasy. They are truly experienced but also merely dreamed.

To fly also means to explore, to imagine, to dream.

Montella ventures a "correction" of the photographic instrumentís lucidly optical vision, with the filters of his artistic unconscious.

The "correction", in practical terms, consists in digital manipulation of the photographic images: a kind of reconnection, combination and synthesis of the photographic reality with the imaginative, everything that goes beyond the intentionality of consciousness and is open to expressive expansion.

To alter, to give new meaning to the virtuality of a space, of a field, of a photographic image, means to make an impact on the consciousness of the viewer.

The hermeneutic embrace of the photographic reality in Montellaís vision is transforming, unexpected and enticing as regards the introspection of the sense of the place, of the topos, as regards the value attributable to a specific alteration or replacement, as regards the seemingly elusive introduction of new objects, characters or symbols, recovered in the depth of the axiologies and anthropologies deposited in the areas of his unconscious.

In short, the provocative topicality of Vincenzo Montellaís Flugwollen draws us in a contagious way. We all take off as one, together with his imagination.

The wings he uses are those of an ironic clairvoyance - currently rare amongst artists - which also serves as a way of reacting politely to the now commonplace confusion of certain prolific and diffuse examples of contemporary art.

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