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Indepth Arts News:

"Call for Artists: Fine Arts International Competition 2008"
2008-04-24 until 2008-07-31
Cultural Association Valentin Ruiz Aznar
Granada, , ES Spain

Cultural Association Valentin Ruiz Aznar is call for artists to participate in their Fine Arts International Competition 2008. First prize will be 2,000 Euros and a diploma/certificate. Second, Third and Honorable Mentions will also be awarded. All the works awarded with the FIRST PRIZE, with the SECOND PRIZE, the THIRD PRIZES and the HONORABLE MENTIONS will be published on the Web, and, in addition, they will be shown in a public exhibition (at least once) in 2008 or in 2009. Accepted media are painting (oil, acrylic, watercolor), Engraving and Sculpture. Deadline for entry is the 31th of July (2008).

BASES en Español: http://usuarios.lycos.es/avra/id165.htm

TERMS In English : http://usuarios.lycos.es/avra/id170.htm

RÈGLEMENTS en Français:  http://usuarios.lycos.es/avra/id169.htm

No Português: http://usuarios.lycos.es/artaroundtheworld/id21.htm

In italiano: http://usuarios.lycos.es/artaroundtheworld/id22.htm

To the participant authors whom do not obtain prize, we will facilitate a CERTIFICATE OF PARTICIPATION to them. This CERTIFICATE OF PARTICIPATION will be sent to them (to the authors nonawarded) by E-mail, in Attached File, customized and of very difficult falsification.

---FIDELITY PRIZES:  Many FIDELITY PRIZES will be granted as it is necessary. However these prizes will be granted only to the artists who participate in the 2008 CONTEST with one or more works as well as artists that participated in the 2005 and 2006 Contests.  The FIDELITY PRIZES will consist of individual Diplomas and Certificates.

---PRIZES To The COOPERATION: Many COOPERATION PRIZES will be granted as it is necessary, to those artists, who in the present edition of 2008 of the Contest, participate with 3 (three) or more Works and which, at least, one of those Works is awarded or it obtains an Honorary Mention. The COOPERATION PRIZES will consist of individual Diplomas and Certificates.

The monetary Prize will be paid by (Postal Money Orders, Wire Transfers, Western Union, etc...), previously agreed and confirm via E-mail between the Association and the awarded winner. The charges to send the money or wire transfers will be deducted from the awarded amount. The monetary Prize will be indivisible.

Understanding that the Jury reserves the right to reject any work that is of insufficient quality, all participants should present good quality works since it is an important International Contest.   

All the awarded authors, including a those that obtain Honorary Mentions, WILL HAVE to include in their Artistic Currculum (= Artistic CV) that the obtaining of that Prize or Mention has been in the FINE ARTS INTERNATIONAL CONTEST 2008 "ANTONIO GUALDA - Composer", and, of equal way, they will express it in its Webs pages and any other type of printed, digital publication, of Catalogues of Exhibitions, etc...


----SPECIAL PERSONAL COOPERATION PRIZES: will grant so many SPECIAL PERSONAL COOPERATION PRIZES to all those offerers, participants in our CONTEST of 2008, which, after knowing the JUGDGMENT of the Jury, they organize Exhibitions of Works (all the awarded Works, or only part of these Works, with a minimum of 25 Works by Public Exhibition, as well that it can have Works of our Contets previous to 2008) in his Countries of residence or in any other Country, previous agreement with our Association, by E-mail.

At least, one of the mentioned Public Exhibitions will have to be made in Commercial Room, Room of Public Institution, or a Museum (in addition to other possible Public Exhibitions that the interested ones can make in streets and squares -Itinerant Exhibitions- with artistic or monumental value.

These competitor author-offerers, organizers of the mentioned Public Exhibitions, will happen to comprise of the HONOR GALLERY of the FINE ARTS INTERNATIONAL CONTEST 2008 "ANTONIO GUALDA ˆ Composer‰, that we, by our part, will reflect in the Page Web that will be opened to this aim.

Also, these cooperating Offerers in assemblies of Work Public Exhibitions of our Contest, will receive the corresponding DIPLOMA.

Page Web in our habitual Internet Server will be opened, that comes using our Association, to reflect each one of those Public Exhibitions, of similar way to since we have done in 2007.

At the moment of the publication of these Terms, already the following artists comprise of the HONOR GALLERY of the FINE ARTS INTERNATIONAL CONTEST 2008 "ANTONIO GUALDA - Composer", participants in 2006:

(By chronological order of participation)

Lady GIUSEPPINA GRAVINA. Taranto, Puglia, Italia.
Mister RAYMOND FURLOTTE. Montreal, Quebec, Canadá.
Lady ANDREIA DONADON LEAL, Mariana, Minas Gerais, Brasil.

And the artists, components of our Juries of previous years:
Mister JOSÉ CARLOS CARDENETE, Maracena, Andalucía Oriental, España.
Lady MARÍA JOSÉ DE CÓRDOBA, Granada, Andalucía Oriental, España.
Lady BELÉN VERA, Granada, Andalucía Oriental, España.

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