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Indepth Arts News:

"Shin-Hye Park: A Solo Exhibition"
2008-05-16 until 2008-05-31
Broadway Gallery
New York, NY, USA United States of America

The Broadway Gallery in New York presents work by Shin-Hye Park in a solo exhibition from May 16 through May 31, 2008. Curator Tchera Niyego comments, "Shin-Hye Park’s images of the waterfronts; ever so changing, yet studied and experimented with precarious repetition by the artist over years of patience and loyalty, is no vacation spot you’ve been dreaming to take a long, relaxed time out at. On many moments of the impossible while Park might have been during developing a piece, yet when even the water is still and there’s a whole wide land of sand yet to swim, while paradoxically seeming quiet indeed a place and just when the viewer might fall into the wishful conclusion upon first impression of labeling it one thing or another, relax into it, and drop out, others will hear they are never going to be ready and I hear unprepared, death don’t come pretty. The general silent wisdom space on the surface of Park’s work keeps screaming with the longing and yearning of the Ancient of Days. Park reminds us that always is, yet never graspable." Shin-Hye Park has been a Premiere Portfolio Artist at absolutearts.com since 2001.

Tchera Niyego continues, "In the images of the very meeting point of the shore in close-ups where we see the water blending into dry land a nd there are no open deep seas or an air of the skies, the foam of the sea is ever so close to that breath of air and the voice of the beloved. Fundamentally of darkness pre white, irrational, unrestrained, unreliable devouring quality is accessible most here, to me. Oddly enough Shin-Hye Park’s close-ups of the shore are details reminding there’s always an open door calling one back to the essential nature of things.

"This is unconventional and unique in Park’s work as her clear memory and persistent repetition in reminding one of this open door to the Infinite that is the essential nature of all things is in every moment. Park’s dream-like perception is spontaneously what we are fooled to be real. The fact that Park knows to long for further clarifying her dream into perfection in every detail tells me she is not a terribly white-knuckled grasper on the belief of things being real in an absolute sense. Park’s work rather mirrors transparency and the artist does it with the very tools of basic human senses and nature as its sense gates; the only door in town available for us all to explore entering into what’s beyond perfection and imperfection and all contrasts. Park is sincere and authentic in her most meaningful of struggles seeking equilibrium and she is a generous artist in keeping us posted on her progress with simplicity.

"Shin-Hye Park’s work titled 'Number 8' previously exhibited at Broadway Gallery NYC in a traveling group show context titled “Apple II” dealing with temptation which I had the pleasure of curating, has great significance in the whole of her work. In Park’s piece “Number 8” which the artist had composed of 9 panels, we see that although naturally not devoid of the traps of habit and on the contrary with the embodiment of habit, we could say, as Eve in the up-close left of the centerpiece and the eight remaining panels surrounding Eve suggests two directions. However Shin-Hye Park’s path is decidedly going one way and not any other. Park empowers the viewer into the re-cognition of the vast dissimilarity indeed like it has been interpreted before however the word is that this dissimilarity is not of this world as we breathe and live in it versus another one in the state of perfection that existed once upon a time, or that exists somewhere else. Our very own mind’s habits coax us back into splitting things apart time and again. As Adams and Eves we are so habituated into splitting ourselves into two’s into infinitum that we forget questioning it and yearning, longing and seeking the Unity of the two directions. Park stands clear in her choice of unsettling dreamlike into so-called reality."

View more of Shen-Hye Park's work in his Portfolio at absolutearts.com http://www.absolutearts.com/shinhyepark/.

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