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Indepth Arts News:

"Shelley Indyk and Micha Nussinov"
2008-08-28 until 2008-09-20
Nussinov Gallery
Sydney, NW, AU Australia

An exhibition of both Artist and Architect, August 28th –September 20th, showing black and white drawings from Cappodocia in Turkey by Shelley Indyk, and etched glass drawings of Micha Nussinov. The subject of both works, though rendered in contrasting material and tonality, are both inspired by sensual landscapes. Indyk’s works inspired from the extraordinary landscape forms of Cappodocia, and Nussinov’s works derived from life drawing explorations. Shelley Indyk and Micha Nussinov are partners. Micha is a full time artist whilst Shelley Indyk is a full time Architect. Micha Nussinov has been a Premiere Portfolio Artist at absolutearts.com since 2003.

Eight years ago, while working in his studio at wharf 21b in Pyrmont, Nussinov found four ‘unwanted’ glass doors. After repairing their wooden frames Nussinov decided to make figurative sketches onto the glass. Initially inspired from life drawing sessions, the intricacy and mystery of the etched work took its own direction. Using a variable speed ‘dremel’ tool, with rotating silicon / diamond bits, Micha meticulously etched the glass surface, establishing gradations that set the ‘mood’ of the work.

Layers of lines are interwoven, interlinked and juxtaposed to depict ascenery within another reality, leading to an illusory, mysterious sensuality. Strong perspective lines, establish the framework, the divisions, and the connection,within which the human figures act out life’s story.

Like in drawing, the lines are etched to define the form, unlike the black chalk drawings of Indyk, the etched glass with its deeply penetrated surface allows more light to be reflected and when unscratched, the translucent surface reveals the dark background. Set within a dark space with black drapes and black floor, the two pairs of hinged glass doors, open like wings, to allow the audience to move between.

In contrast, Indyk’s works of large drawings on paper, pinned to the white surrounding walls of the studio, boldly declare the shadows and light of another world, as sensual and articulate as Nussinov’s, but minimalist and spontaneous. The black shadows carve out the space. Black repeats and repeats, changing speed with a change in line.

Where one work creates mystery and demands intricate attention, the other declares possible shapes and spaces that are both human and of the vast landform of desert-scapes.

View more of Micha Nussinov's work at absolutearts.com

Artist: Micha Nussinov
Title: Untitled G1
Year Created: 2003
Medium: Glass
Width: 90 cm
Height: 200 cm
Depth: 5 cm
Price: US$ 4800
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