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Indepth Arts News:

"Dennis Jones ...just the tip..."
2008-09-27 until 2008-10-25
Center for Creative Studies
Detroit, MI, USA United States of America

Dennis Jones will be featured in a one person exhibition titled ...just the tip... at The College for Creative Studies Center Galleries, in Detroit from September 27 through October 25, 2008. A closing reception will be held Friday, October 24th. The exhibition consists of 301, 11'x14" charcoal drawings along with an audio cd of my reading aloud each drawing.  This body of work continues to grow and now includes nearly 700 drawings. This new series of drawings focuses on the discourse that takes place between the artist and the work at hand. Jones states, "I'm intrigued by the way the drawings communicate between each other and how they speak of notions that are far larger than me alone suggesting a panoramic view of human interaction." Dennis Jones has been a Premiere Portfolio Member at absolutearts.com since 2004.

"The title of this show is from the three hundred and first drawing completed in this series. The cliched statement, 'just the tip of the iceberg', summarizes the many thoughts that go unspoken and lie beneath the surface - that there is much effort that goes unseen and suggests that there is more to follow, which is very appropriate for this new body of work as this series now includes over 600 drawings and continues to grow.

"This series of charcoal drawings focuses on the discourse that takes place between me and the work at hand. Visual objects have their own language - they're easy to talk about if you're talking to yourself, but become elusive when another's eyes are involved. Many diverse thoughts surface as I'm working and instead of ignoring them I've decided to write them down. These thoughts are directly related to the ups and downs I've experienced as an artist; they are an accumulation of my anger, frustration, anxiety, ambivalence, skepticism, delusions, discontent, absurdity and humor in response to this life and time - I want to include it all! I'm intrigued by the way the drawings talk with each other and how they speak to notions that are far larger than me alone as the dialogue expands to suggest a panoramic view of human interactions.

"My reciting of the text from one drawing to the next is another layer of communication - just who am I talking to you might ask? Instead of screaming I've attempted to subdue the inflection in my voice as I read each statement aloud and my voice sounds almost mechanical. I think it necessary to present such potentially histrionic verbiage with a measure of restraint.

"Perhaps you may feel offended by many of the inflammatory statements that sound pathologically driven and include a litany of psychological, sociological, sexual, religious, philosophical, political and cultural references, but try to keep the words within my intended art world context and you may find yourself laughing out loud - and maybe you will agree that this is the most human thing anyone can do. "

Dennis Michael Jones

View more of the installation and Dennis Jones' works in his Portfolio at absoltuearts.com www.absolutearts.com/portfolios/d/dennisjones.

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