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Indepth Arts News:

"Alchemy – A Show of New Paintings by Becky Soria"
2008-11-01 until 2008-11-23
Gallery 3
Houston, TX, USA United States of America

Gallery 3 in Houston presents "Alchemy – A Show of New Paintings by Becky Soria: during November 2008. Becky Soria has been a Premiere Portfolio Artist at absolutearts.com since 2002. Bruce Leutwyler states, "Alchemy - the quest to turn base metal into gold. No, like a painting, it is the quest to turn base material, base flesh into spirit. But what is spirit, what is flesh really? In a departure from, yet a movement forward in her investigation of the female form, Becky's new paintings may remind one who contemplates them of the unfinished sculptures in the Accademia Di Belle Arti in Florence. The human figures in them are not so much abstracted forms, as forms coming into existence or dissolving out of existence into the primal elements that constitute them. But these elements are not the chemical elements of modern chemistry; rather they are the alchemical elements of a tradition whose wisdom was lost long ago, and whose truth still awaits a rediscovery."

Leutwyler continues, "The basic elements of the holographic simulation we call reality is really only and just color… the stuff that dreams are made of. In Becky’s paintings it is a dense rich color, pointing to the paradox that that stuff of which we are made, that flesh, that materia originalis, is indeed in fact only paint, the very stuff of color. This experience of density in the colored forms is what gives them such a sense of reality. Yet that very density, like the illusoriness of the image we read in a painting, is not real. Like the figures in her images, dense form is constantly being dissolved and reformed, brought to a rebirth and dying every instant. It is a phantasmagorical miasma that we are desperate at every instant to hold in a reasonable form. So desperate are we, that we don’t notice it dissolving, returning as it does in Becky’s alchemical paintings into the very paint that is all it is…"

View more of Beck Soria's work in her Portfolio at absolutearts.com absolutearts.com/portfolios/b/beckyart/.

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