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Indepth Arts News:

"Paths of thought - Sentieri del pensiero"
2008-11-07 until 2008-11-16
Il Ramo d'Oro
Naples, , IT Italy

Il Ramo d'Oro is glad to organize in the wonderful venues of Castel dell'Ovo, Naples, Italy an important International exhibition. Patronized by the Indonesian Consulate and the Venezuelan Consulate in Naples. The exhibition opened on November 9, 2008 with an introduction by Giorgio Agnisola. Artists participating - Argentina : Pablo Sinai, Bulgaria: Biser Panayotov, China : Wang Tiewei, Liu Wei. Germany : Ute Illig, Japan : Hiroshi Matsumoto, Indonesia : Antonius Kho, Setyo Mardiyantoro, Israel : Orna Adoram, Tamar Sorkin, Italy : Tiziana Baracchi, Maurizio Barretta, Simone Catania, Michele Cazzani, Guido Della Giovanna, Giuseppe Di Franco, Mario D'Imperio, Simonetta Funel, Franco Iuliano, Immacolata Maddaloni, Giovanni Mangiacapra, Andrea Martone, Renato Milo, Vincenzo Montella, Nicola Morea, Raffaele Nastro, Renata Pagano, Nuccia Pulpo, Paola Rago, Elio Rizzo, Michele Roccotelli, Roberto Sanchez, Pasquale Sica, Salvatore Starace, Rino Vellecco, Malaysia : Yeoh Kean Thai, USA : Robert H. Stockton, Max Yawney, Venezuela : Orlando Campos, Ines de Veer, Miguel Marsan, Linda Morales, Raul Penalver, Ana Teresa Pesce, Hugo Rivero, Miguel Rivero, Freddy Simoza. Il Ramo d'Oro promotes their artists and exhibitions with a Gallery Portfolio at absolutearts.com.

Paths of thought

There is a region of the mind wherein lies inexpressible impulses, intuitions and desires. Rational thought continuously tries to translate them into words but in translation, the thought often betrays itself.

In search of sincere emotions, in a world where ideologies in crisis have been replaced by equally bloody religious fundamentalism, we asked the artists to explore these paths of thought that reason fails to fathom. The videos submitted tell of a social and cultural crisis which today assails every corner of the planet and of a daily life where denial, violence and alienation prevail.

A sense of progressive fragmentation is represented in the paintings, sculptures and photographs. Figures which melt into dense backgrounds and chromatic decompositions, masses of color, winding geometrics and, finally, lines or colored dots that lose themselves in terrifying rays of light.

And the music, especially written by Vincenzo Nini, collects, leads, stresses intuitions not otherwise expressible, in search of the original vibration that has structured the universe.

-Vicenzo Montella

View more work from the exhibition.

Visit Il Ramo d'Oro's Gallery Portfolio at absolutearts.com: galleries.absolutearts.com/ilramodoro

Vincenzo Montella
Featured by Il Ramo d'Oro Title: "Map" , 2008
Size: 2 x 2 meters (width x height), 1 kilograms
Medium: Other Printmaking
Price: US $ 2000

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