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Indepth Arts News:

"Traces of Memory"
2008-11-29 until 2008-12-07
Castello Estense di Ferrara
Ferrara, , IT Italy

At the Imbarcadero Rooms of the Ferrara Museum of the Estense Castle ‘Traces of memory’ presents works - spoiled from the routines, conventions, acumulation of practicalities; liberated and delivered into the primary, sensitivity of self, of the elements. The freshness of English Gardens, the deep blue of the Mediterranean Sea, hellenic Temples, the dancing Genie even when at rest, are composing the language of visual expression of Alkistis Wechsler in her recent paintings, collages, and digital compositions. A choice out of the magic box is in this year’s International collective exhibition in Ferrara, as curated by the art critic Paola Trevisan of the Trevisanarte Gallery. Also featured is "A Whirlwind of Recollecting" by Melanie Prapopoulos. Several Premiere Portfolio Members from absolutearts.com are highlighted in the exhibition. They include Jeffery GOUGEON, Maz JACKSON, Keith MORANT, Melanie PRAPOPOULOS, Alkistis WECHSLER. Also represented are Jose Maria CASAS (Regular Portfolio Member), Adam BALOGH (Free Portfolio Member), Andrea GOLDSMITH (Free Portfolio Member), Tamar GREENFELD (Free Portfolio Member), Cherie HANSON (Free Portfolio Member), and Karl MAENZ (Free Portfolio Member).

An illuminated cross point in the sign of Renaissance , between Wechsler’s paintings and the fascinating Castle d’Este. It was then Renaissance of the senses and the truth of beauty; they were then re-discovering the traces of authenticity in a poetic, creative marriage between material body and spiritual existence. Love and Psyche were dancing again in the heart of Europe, irradiating their joy to the entire Univers. In this exhibition Wechsler shows works of contemplation, of interior spiritual renaissance, of an always renewed Primavera, the Green time of our Artistic Soul, that finds the path to its Core, the freshness of care, love, creativity; victorious against the winter blues.

Artists from around the world take part in this exhibition: Christine AEBISCHER (Switzerland), Elisabeth AGOSTINI (Austria), Daniela AMENT (Israel), Maria ARATUN (Spain), Patricia ARMATO (United States), Elizabeth BABYN (Canada), Marion BAKKER (The Netherlands), Adam BALOGH (Hungary), Anton BURI (Svizzera), Jose Maria CASAS (Argentina), Anne CHERUBIM (United States), Ann DUNBAR (France), Maura FAHY (Ireland), Steven FOY (England), Naoki FUJITA (United States), Andrea GOLDSMITH (United States), Jeffery GOUGEON (South Korea), Tamar GREENFELD (Israel), Tonny HAMERS-DRUMMEN (The Netherlands), Perri HART (United States), Maiken HEJNFELT (Denmark), Aranka ISRANI (United States), Soraya HAMZAVI-LOUYEH (Switzerland), Cherie HANSON (Canada), Magda HOGH (Norway), Maz JACKSON (England), Nadiya JINNAH (United States), JONASKE (The Netherlands), Helen JOYNSON (Australia), Steffi KASCHLIK (Germany), David KASTNER (United States), Nino KORINTELI (Georgia), Michele KRAUSS (United States), Annie LONG (Australia), Karl MAENZ (Switzerland), Kenneth MARTIN (United States), Suzete MARTINS (United States), Rosa MASCARELL (Spain), Fran McCANN (Ireland), Ignacio MONTANO (United States), Hye Ja MOON (South Korea), Keith MORANT (New Zealand), Petra NIMTZ (United States), Tamara O’BYRNE (Austria), Agnieszka OPALA (Poland), Patrizia POSILLIPO (Italy), Ana POSTIGO (Spain), Viviana PUELLO (United States), Melanie PRAPOPOULOS (Greece), Dick PREESMAN (The Netherlands), Preston PURSER (United States), Marieta REIJERKERK (The Netherlands), Sandi RITCHIE MILLER (United States), Douglas ROSS (Ireland), Carol ROWLING (Australia), Helma SCHELLEN (The Netherlands), Joseph SLOAN (Ireland), Roxene SLOATE (United States), Annemarie SPIJKERMAN (The Netherlands), Chris SPUGLIO (United States), James SWARTZ (Canada), Irma Michaela SZALKAY (Austria), Andrea TOUZLIDIS (Switzerland), Charlotte VAN DEN AKKER (Turkey), Wilbert VAN DER STEEN (The Netherlands), Pierre VAN DER VELDEN (The Netherlands), Amy VELDMAN-WILSON (United States), Alkistis WECHSLER (England), Sally WEST (Australia), Raymond YOSUICO (United States), Kristina ZALLINGER (United States), Gisela ZIMMERMANN (Switzerland)

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