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Indepth Arts News:

"Quim Bove : Orbital Laps"
2009-04-09 until 2004-05-11
Bonner David Galleries
Scottsdale, AZ, USA United States of America

Bonner David Galleries is proud to announce contemporary artist Quim Bove's annual show opening in April 2009. His show opens April 9 and runs until May 11, 2009 with a special artist reception on Thursday, April 16. Noted contemporary artist, Quim Bove continues his investigation into the cyclical nature of life as he exhibits his latest work featuring the layering of oil paint and resin. His aim is to “address philosophical and spiritual aspects of human nature to project the time cycles of the human life and or the planet earth life under the co-influence in the Universe.

The Cycles “Orbital laps” translates in to our temporal measurement, time under gravity bends and is represented with curves. The curves from different angles, torques and vectors represent the nature of these forms under the influence of the gravitational points.”-Quim Bove

Quim Bove' first picked up a paintbrush when he was six, and hasn't put it down since. Born in the Catalonia region of Spain along the Pyrenees, he became fluent in Spanish, French and Catalan, in addition to English. Prior to his recent move to Arizona, Bove' was a window display director for Hermes in Southern France and Christian Dior in Barcelona before working at Saks Fifth Avenue, where his window displays enticed many to buy due to his creative eye. His multicultural background allows him to appreciate art in many forms. "You can forget everything in painting mode—it requires so much energy," comments Bove'. It's as though he's giving life to each of his paintings.

"Color is the most important thing," Bove' says. Using the palette of the Renaissance his techniques for achieving resplendent colorization involve the careful blending and layering of pigment. He thinks of his work as icons, embodying philosophical questions about man and the universe. His paintings are unified by a high gloss resin finish which adds a unique and interesting touch, allowing the viewer to see his or her reaction to the work in the work. His rich blend of color and shine elicit feelings of comfort and warmth.

It's not surprising that Bove' has painted commission pieces for the Phoenix Symphony, N'Sync, and is in public collections in Andorra and France. In the past twenty years, he has had over thirty public exhibitions and seven solo shows.

"Painting is part of my life, something I was born with that cannot be taken away," adds Bove'. "It is not something you discover or something you can stop. I have to paint, it is a part of me."

"My artwork translates the relationship between humanity and the universe through a metaphoric representation of flashes of the human mind in different stages. The energy is represented through color, the deepness of the sub-conscious, the questioning process through the reflection of the space and the reflection of the human mind inside each painting. My artwork is like the human mind, sequential; inherent in the sub-conscious."

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