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Indepth Arts News:

"Summer Sonata : A Group Exhibition"
2009-07-24 until 2009-09-19
Edge Gallery
Hong Kong, , HK Hong Kong

To celebrate their Second Anniversary, EDGE Gallery will showcase works from fifteen gallery artists comprising paintings, sculptures and photographies. One of the high-lights of the exhibition is our new gallery artist, Li Fan, with his “Ethnical Yi People in LiangShan Mountains” series which has won him over 17 local and international awards. This show will run from July 24 until September 19, 2009.

Li Fan, male, born in 1960, associate professor in the School of Journalism and Communication, Shaanxi Normal University, Shaanxi Province, China. His works has won him more than 17 local and international awards. Since 1999, Li Fan has finished and is still working on his photographic projects of “Ethnical Yi People in LiangShan Mountains” 四川大?山?影?目 The artist has been visiting Liang Shan on several photographic expeditions.  As a photographer, he is using photography to record the difficult survival conditions and the growing process of the children of the Yi People. Most importantly, Li Fan hopes to use the lens to appeal and arouse the attention of the outside world in the hopes that there will be help for these poverty stricken children. Through this photo Expedition, the artist hope to revisit SI Chuan Da Liang Shan adults and children’s condition. Mr. Li Fan has held more than ten photographic exhibitions in China and abroad, and some of his works were sold at the China Huachen Auctions to collectors.

Lui Chun Kwong’s style in recent years, has revert from the concise style to abstract simplicity. Retrospective of his work is the root cause of his painting. Looking at his works, color changes can be felt beyond his images, is purely metaphysical essence of the Chinese landscapes. The lines of his series suggested images of a fields or waves on a sea; of great space and freedom. Lui’s inspiration comes from the childhood memories and stories from his past experiences.

Pauline Lam utilizes images of various weird creatures from Shan Hai Jing as her inspiration in this series of art works. Though these creatures are strange in their images, it may not surprise us as development of genetic modification or biotechnology allows organisms in various forms appear in our world nowadays.

Ranee creates her arts with the concept of contrasts in the world; the East and the West, the past and the present, power and femininity. Her designs link the modern urban world to the past along with Eastern and Western tastes together. More importantly, her designs offer a sense of confidence and happiness to women in all cultures.

Frank Vigneron’s drawing process is completely meditative. The artist has been dedicating some time everyday to his line drawings for the past 20 years. His Heterotopias series represent journal of the artist’s life over the past 24 years with stories told by the expressive yet delicate lines and space he creates on large scale papers and Chinese "butterfly format" albums.

Liu Deng’s works uses thick and thin lines to create contrast in his drawings and paintings. Inspired with trashes in everyday life, he depicts the trashes one by one with which one linking to another. The picture shows a complex and entangling composition with dense lines.

Almond Chu’s new work “Parade” drifts away from his previous famous sensual figurative images and succumbed us into a realm of objective viewing experience in associate with “Deadpan” aesthetics. His highly maneuvered repetitive walking figures dressed in the same red-white-blue stripes cloth and marching towards the identical direction symbolize the monotonous minds of the media-generated slaves in our city.

Seiko Fujioka learned Japanese painting as her art career launching point. While studying in the art institute, she incarnated the way to fuse traditional material with modern techniques. In her artworks, there are traces of the beauty of Japanese painting; the composition has a style of the Art Nouveau, which is resplendent with vivid colors and rich details; and the image in her artwork is theatrical and full of free imagination.

In Hou XiaoYi’s, ’Dream-Lingering Childhood’, Hou intends to waken our nostalgia of traditional way of life. ‘Dream-Lingering Childhood’ is the bridge connecting between tradition and modernity. Hou hopes his work can help people escape from the concrete jungle to the peaceful land, bringing out the sincerity of human quality and return back to the tranquility of nature.

Zhang Wa’s work transforms the ordinary sculpture unexpectedly into a formal and planal creases, to make the common classical images lose its authority to narrate, his works show an alternative way for modern people to reinterpret and history.

Yan Ren Kui’s series , it is a group of highly contemporary works. My work has no direct expression of a particular story, but in some funny, absurd, ridiculous, and abnormal behavior action, a specific response to the inner fear of the human minds.

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