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ArtPadSF Announces Exhibitors + Programming Highlights for 2013 Edition
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Evening at ArtPadSF 2012, Courtesy of Orange Photography

ArtPadSF Announces Exhibitors + Programming Highlights for 2013 Edition

ArtPadSF is pleased to announce its 2013 exhibitors, a group of superlative contemporary arts institutions, galleries, and artists from all over the nation. For the third year, ArtPadSF will take place at the iconic Phoenix Hotel where over 40 rooms will be taken over by galleries, curatorial projects and an eclectic special events program. Arts patrons and enthusiasts are invited to immerse themselves in an unconventional 21st century boutique art fair, where participating exhibitors and programs showcase a diverse range of avant-garde contemporary art including new media work, participatory experiences and happenings that invite fairgoers into an immersive art experience.

ArtPadSF 2013 Exhibitors

Three Point Nine Art Collective     SF



Walter Maciel Gallery     LA

ArtSPAN     SF

Paul Mahder Gallery     SF

BASH Contemporary    SF

Marx & Zavattero     SF

beta pictoris gallery      Birmingham

The Mcloughlin Gallery     SF

Blythe Projects     LA

Mirus Gallery     SF

CES Contemporary     Laguna Beach

moniquemeloche     Chicago

Electric Works     SF

New Image Art     LA

Eve Fowler / Artists Curated Projects (ACP)    LA

NIAD Art Center     Richmond

Gauntlet Gallery     SF

Spoke Art     SF

Charlie James Gallery     LA


Jancar Projects     LA

The Popular Workshop     SF

Johansson Projects     LA

Toomey Tourell Fine Art     SF

Kroswork     Oakland

Unspeakable Projects     SF

gallery km     Santa Monica

Steven Wolf Fine Arts     SF

Gregory Lind Gallery     SF

Mark Wolfe Contemporary     SF


ArtPadSF 2013 Special Events

The 2013 programming extends the ArtPadSF experience into participatory events and theoretical realms, to help fairgoers connect to contemporary art through social moments and big ideas. Fair attendees will become part of the art in works such as Andrew Benson’s Shine Bright Plastic Diamonds presented by BAM/PFA, Lucas Murgida’s The Locksmithing Graduate Institute’s Lesson #13 presented by Charlie James Gallery, and I just wanna hold your hand presented by the Gray Area Foundation for the Arts.

Discourse will zoom out from the personal to the global with the TUMBLR ARTS SUMMIT, where art world representatives will discuss their participation in Tumblr’s burgeoning online arts community. Dance duo Navarrete x Kajiyama will perform a section from BAILOUT!, a movement performance that comments on the March 2011 disasters in Japan. Art-loving parents can introduce their small children to the joy of art appreciation with fair tours for children led by the NY-based organization, LittleCollector. There is something for everyone at ArtPadSF this year!

ArtPadSF & SFMOMA present Opening Night

Opening night of ArtPadSF 2013 will benefit the upcoming SFMOMA SECA Art Award exhibition with an evening of special programming created in partnership with the museum. This event will be a multisensory extension of ArtPadSF’s unconventional downtown aesthetic with entertainment to hear, watch, and taste. Synthpop and Chillwave band Altars will play between 6PM-8PM, followed by a DJ set by Altar’s Bertie Pearson. At 7PM the San Francisco Tsunami Swim Club, a gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and straight-friendly masters-level swim team, will perform a synchronized swim in the Phoenix Hotel pool. Throughout the night, Thought for Food will offer their conceptual based concessions, replicating the taste of “sun, sand, and sea” on mini surfboard styled sticks with a debut flavor, the BELLY FLOP. If you’re interested in attending opening night, please contact our VIP manager, Amber Jean Young: amber@artpadsf.com

ArtPadSF presents Chat Room

Chat Room is a social space in a guest room of the Phoenix Hotel. It is both a lounge and a spontaneous exhibition area of performative artworks that are informed and activated by their interaction with the viewer. This multi-purpose room is a place to casually congregate with fellow art appreciators, catch an impromptu performance piece, or show up for scheduled programming such as Lucas Murgida’s The Locksmithing Graduate Institute and Chris Vargas’ MOTHA.  

ArtSlant Afterparty && <Error 415> Award + Installation Exhibition

May 17, 9:06PM

ArtSlant, in cooperation with ArtPadSF, presents ArtSlant Afterparty && <Error 415> Award Installation, juried by prominent new media artists and curators Nick Briz, Anthony Antonellis, Manuel Fernández, Daniel Rehn and Sarah Caluag (me+Sarah), and Annie Werner. The <Error 415> installation will be projected onto the wall adjacent to the Phoenix Hotel, and viewable in virtual exhibition on ArtSlant.com, as well as on the ArtSlant Tumblr, following the screening. An Error 415 is the HTTP response status code for an unsupported media type; the award refers to new media practices which have yet to be fully supported by the art establishment while also giving a nod to the tech-savvy Bay Area. The winner of the ArtSlant <Error 415> Award will be announced during the event, and will receive a cash prize of $415. More information on the award can be found here or email us at error415@artslant.com.

Asian Art Museum presents Artists Drawing Club: Tender Landscapes with Radka Pulliam

May 18, 12PM + 3PM

Take a walk with artist Radka Pulliam as part of the Asian Art Museum's new monthly program series, Artists Drawing Club. The 30-40 minute journey begins inside the Asian Art Museum and finishes at ArtPadSF. Meander through the city’s last ungentrified frontier, the Tenderloin, a diverse neighborhood with a storied history that thrives despite its bad rap. Along the way, discover intimate connections with the surrounding environment through observations and sensory exercises. This interactive artist-and-resident-led stroll will culminate at the Phoenix Hotel, where ArtPadSF will be in full effect. To participate, register with a museum staff member on the front steps of the Museum by the "Tender Landscapes" sign 15 minutes prior to departure. This event is first come, first served.

Asian Art Museum presents BAILOUT! (an excerpt) by Navarrete x Kajiyama Dance Theater

May 18, 5PM

Dance duo Navarrete x Kajiyama's latest riveting and thoughtful performance, BAILOUT!, responds to the March 2011 earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster in Japan, and how they continue to affect the nation. Movement, with an original score by Adria Otte, examine how we cope with environmental disasters, integrating the duo’s volunteer experiences cleaning up in Northern Japan. Modern life has diminished humanity's sense of respect for and long-term thinking about the environment. How dire does the situation need to get before we take charge of our own survival? Navarrete x Kajiyama with perform an excerpt with music by Adria Otte. BAILOUT! will be performed in the courtyard of the Phoenix Hotel. For more information please visit: www.nkdancetheater.com.

BAM/PFA presents Shine Bright Plastic Diamonds by Andrew Benson

May 16, 8:06PM + May 18, 19, Sundown

On the opening night of ArtPadSF, the UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive (BAM/PFA) will present an outdoor video installation by Bay Area-based artist Andrew Benson, curated by BAM/PFA Video Curator Steve Seid. Shine Bright Plastic Diamonds is a digital mural that will be projected onto the six-story building adjacent to the Phoenix Hotel. Benson has created software that incorporates a number of image sources into one rushing, time-based artwork that continually reinvents itself in exuberant and saturated colors. Fairgoers can catch a glimpse of their own silhouette as the artwork will incorporate images of the fair via live footage capture.

Gallery Wendi Norris presents Ranu Mukherjee

May 18,  9PM

Ranu Mukherjee's Radiant Chromosphere (move towards what is approaching), is a short animated projection of a fictional event, evoking transformation of a once agriculture based economy into a technologically based one. The film is composed around a Tree of Life which assembles itself from the detritus of a solar storm that comes through the orchards, gathering the objects which have been brought there by the people of many nations into a swirling tactile event. It is a reflection on the sun’s energy as it is deeply connected to the economic and social histories as well as speculative narratives of Silicon Valley. Radiant Chromosphere (move towards what is approaching) will be projected on the wall adjacent to the Phoenix Hotel.

Gray Area Foundation for the Arts presents: I just wanna hold your hand

Play can transform an environment. In I just wanna hold your hand, two metal hands are mounted to the wall. When two or more individuals complete the circuit they provoke audiovisual responses. The level of interactivity is determined by the flow of electricity through the individuals. The interaction is tailored to the installation; the core tool is the Arduino platform that responds to sensory data in the environment, and activates processing projections generated from the outside interactions. I just wanna hold your hand will be located in the courtyard of the Phoenix Hotel.


May 18, 12:30PM + May 19, 12:30PM, 1:30PM

Art isn't just for adults, it's something that can be enjoyed by everyone of all ages! Bring your very own LittleCollector to ArtPadSF to explore and learn about some of the fascinating artwork from a LittleCollector artist. Saturday’s tour will be given by LittleCollector artist Matthew Carden, and Libby Black will lead the tour on Sunday. After Sunday's tour, join LittleCollector Founder Chrissy Crawford and a group of artists and educators as they speak about the benefits of introducing your children to art at a young age. Learn how to get their creative juices flowing, about the best art resources for young learners, and how to start them on a path of creative critical thinking. Check in at the VIP desk for tour and discussion information.

MOTHA: Museum of Transgender Hirstory & Art

May 18, 5PM

Chris Vargas will host a reception and slide show presentation for the imminent opening of MOTHA—Museum of Transgender Hirstory & Art, an as-of-yet unrealized arts institution in the Bay Area. The Executive Director will discuss the mission of the museum and its future, talk about its importance in the community, and announce the architectural design competition. While the museum is under construction (indefinitely, and at an undisclosed location in the Bay Area), MOTHA will continue to present off-site exhibitions and programming; exhibitions and events. The reception for MOTHA will take place in the ArtPadSF Chat Room.

KALA Art Institute presents Reciprocal Relationships: Artist Residencies Today

May 17, 1PM

Join Kala Art Institute for a lively discussion on artist residencies near and far. How can artists find the right residency for them? Just what differentiates one program from another? What is the significance of this sector of support for the Arts? These questions and more will be addressed by a panel of representatives from Bay Area residency programs, including Kelly Sicat of the Montalvo Arts Center, Margot H. Knight of the Djerassi Resident Artists Program, Brian Karl of the Headlands Center for the Arts, Allyson Feeney of Project 387, and the Kala Art Institute’s own Carrie Hott. Kala will present useful information from the Alliance for Artist Communities (AAC) and ResArtis as well as moderate an open Q&A session. This panel will take place in the Lounge at Chambers Eat + Drink.


Every evening, THE BAY LIGHTS transforms the San Francisco Bay Bridge into an monumental, illuminated canvas bridging earth and sky. Join THE BAY LIGHTS team at ArtPad to watch the nightly live stream and learn how internationally renowned artist Leo Villareal designed and orchestrated this iconic art piece with its infinite array of never-repeating designs. The Gift of Light program will also be on hand, which allows you to name a light in THE BAY LIGHTS, among other brilliant gifts based on donation level. THE BAY LIGHTS Live Stream will be projected on the wall adjacent to the Phoenix Hotel every night as the fair closes.

The Locksmithing Graduate Institute of ArtPadSF

May 16, 9PM + May 18, 2PM

The faculty and staff of The Locksmithing Graduate Institute are pleased to announce San Francisco’s first Locksmithing Institute class in almost 5 years, courtesy of Lucas Murgida and The Charlie James Gallery. In Lesson #13: Victimless Oppression Part #1; Self-Muzzle, Self-Nuzzle students will be taught how to restrain, reprimand, reward, and free themselves. Materials and methods covered in the class will include lessons in metal and mental restraint manipulation and custom surrender and escape tactics. As always, classes are free, and open to the public. Lesson #13: Victimless Oppression Part #1; Self-Muzzle, Self-Nuzzle will be performed in the ArtPadSF Chat Room.

Eric Staller’s LIGHTMOBILE

May 16, 9PM

Artist Eric Staller will land in the LIGHTMOBILE, the first altered car in his "urban UFO" series. LIGHTMOBILE is a Volkswagen beetle covered with 1659 lamps that are computerized into 20 different patterns of light flowing over the car. It evokes the back-to-the-future optimism of the 1960's while remaining timeless--LIGHTMOBILE simultaneously embodies the past and a vision of what is to come.

Tsunami Synchro returns for third year at ArtPadSF

May 16, 2013 7-8PM + May 18 3PM

Tsunami Synchro, the Bay Area’s premier synchronized swim team, will be performing for the third year in a row at ArtPadSF on opening night and Saturday afternoon. Still drying off after their gold medal at the US Masters National, Tsunami Synchro will swim choreographed routines to diverse musical genres from beatbox to vocal acapella. Performances will be held in the Phoenix Hotel’s courtyard pool.


May 17, 4PM

Tumblr is quickly becoming an indispensable tool as an online art showcase and social networking hub. The Tumblr Arts Summit will bring together exceptional users of the social blogging platform from diverse sectors of the art world: Aditya Julka, Co-founder of Paddle8, Jennifer Yin of the Asian Art Museum, Joel Kuennen of the publication ArtSlant, Kara Q Smith of Art Practical and the SFMOMA Open Arts Blog, Liz Glass of CCA Wattis Institute, and artist Eric Dyer. Annie Werner of Tumblr will moderate a discussion on the creative ways the panelists have individualized their Tumblr presences', and how Tumblr has helped them engage and expand their communities. The Tumblr Arts Summit will take place in the Lounge at Chambers Eat + Drink.

What is Art? LIVE!

The Bay area's premier Art based TV show What is Art? LIVE! is excited to cover Artpad for it's third year running! What is Art? LIVE! will be on-site for all four days of ArtPadSF, interviewing exhibitors, patrons, and celebrities, and capturing the sensory experience. In addition "What is Art? LIVE! Studios" will be in residence at the Phoenix this year, A fully functioning TV studio Where we will be conducting interviews, panels, and a variety of other spontaneous antics….a dating game? a dance party? Doesn’t get much easier to see and be seen. What is Art? LIVE! is produced by San Francisco Art Institute alums Tim Sullivan and Chris Corrente.

YBCA Art Advice Booth

May 18 12-8PM + May 19 12-5PM

Ask us! The YBCA:You Advice Booth offers free advice on any topic to anyone who asks. Part gathering place, part social experiment, the booth is manned by YBCA:You program staff. The "You Booth" is also an information hub for the YBCA:You program, an innovative membership that gives you three ways to get obsessed with art for $15 a month: an all-access pass to YBCA performance, films and gallery exhibitions, exclusive monthly programs just for Youers to go deep with the art and the opportunity to develop a one-on-one art coach relationship to help you nerd out on culture. Look for the hot pink booth and bring your questions.


601 Eddy Street
San Francisco, CA 94109         
Thursday, May 16th
6-8PM //SFMOMA SECA Art Award Opening Night Benefit Preview
8-10PM //SFMOMA SECA Art Award Opening Benefit Party
Friday, May 17th
12-8PM //General Admission
8-10PM //AfterHours Events
Saturday, May 18th
12-8PM //General Admission
8-10PM //AfterHours Events
Sunday, May 19th
12-5PM // General Admission

1-Day Pass $15/$20 advanced/ door per person
3-Day Pass $35/40 advanced/ door 
Students and MUNI riders get $5 off door admission
Children Under 12, Free

to purchase tickets




About the Phoenix

The Phoenix Hotel is located in the Tenderloin District of San Francisco, a hotbed for the city’s emerging artists. Perhaps the last frontier of SF’s ever-expanding gentrification trend, you can still stumble upon unpolished gems in the forms of incredible cooking, unpredictable bar scenes, mom-and-pop stores, great live music and a thriving art community. This area is also home to Twitter HQ, Grey Area Foundation for the Arts and Asian Art Museum, and is in close proximity to the most recognizable art institutions of the city, such as San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) and the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YBCA).

About ArtPadSF

ArtPadSF at the iconic Phoenix Hotel is a provocative 21st century boutique art fair that focuses on emerging and contemporary art from the Bay Area and beyond. In its third year and partnered with San Francisco’s world-renowned arts institutions, galleries, and artists, ArtPadSF is a nexus for the creative, and an unparalleled marketplace for art. Arts patrons and enthusiasts are invited to take in some of the most exciting contemporary art on the market as the Phoenix Hotel transforms into a visual arts destination with over 40 hotel rooms being taken over by galleries and curatorial projects.
Join us May 16th through 19th in 2013 for screenings, panels, performances, and more...

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