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June Art Walk 2013

Welcome to the June Art Walk
June 13 Downtown Art Walk Lounge 634 S. Spring St.
Art Walk is a free self-guided event the 2nd Thursday of every month. Most galleries are open from 6-10 pm.  This month the Art Walk Lounge features photographer Rush Varela, WSS Shoes with surprises, samplings from FiJi Waters and as always your Art Walk Map/Guide thanks to the  LA Times.
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Fiji water
In Our Lounge
634 S. Spring St.

  The Fiji Team will be on hand with complimentary FIJI Water and a coupon that will have a unique combination code to “unlock the vault” for a chance to win one of many quality prizes ranging from FIJI-branded premiums as well as gift cards from select partners. If your code doesn’t unlock a finer thing in the vault, don’t fret!  Everyone will receive a FIJI Straw – a fun and fresh way to discover Earth’s Finest Water on-the-go. The newly released straw is reusable, dishwasher safe, BPA free and destined to become a must-have accessory of Summer 2013.
Take LYFT to Art Walk and skip the hassle of driving and parking. Lyft is a smartphone app that let's you request a ride with the push of a button. In minutes, a pink mustached-wearing car will pick you up and take you anywhere for less than the cost of a cab! Download the app and give it a try or come to the Lounge for more information.
 It’s time to BRING IT to Downtown LA on July 14, 2013. Concrete Hero is the ultimate urban obstacle challenge benefiting, AIDS Project LA. Leap over parked cars in Carmageddon.  Scale the “Hollywood Sign” , swing your way over tar pits, come face-to-face with the city's elements. This event isn't just for extreme athletes or gym junkies, it's for anyone who wants to challenge themselves for a great cause.

Why are guitars, violins, drums, pianos made out of wood, but headphones aren't? Our unique wooden chambers are a huge contributor to the warm and natural sound of LSTN Headphones. More information at their Lounge table.
Corazon Devida’s a non-profit dedicated to raising contributions in the form of money, materials & volunteer work to empower the children of Baja. The wish is for every child in the world to have someone committed to the possibility that their life hold the same excitement and opportunity as the most fortunate child on Earth. For more information visit Corazon Devida at their table in the Art Walk Lounge.
The Painted Brain works amplifying the voice and empowering the community of those living with mental health issues while developing community & promoting acceptance through art groups and educational programming.  The Painted Brain creates a space where people who work in the mental health community work alongside young people living with mental illness. Come and meet their team at the Art Walk Lounge.
Art meets Architecture Presents…
'GodS Bless You'
Yarek Godfrey
The Fine Arts Building
811 W. 7th St.
Artist Reception: Thursday, June 13, 2013 from 6-8pm
Free and open to the public
Yarek Godfrey will present eighteen oil-on-canvas paintings specifically created for the Fine Arts Building in Downtown.
Lisa Ames805-217-2186
Rush Varela
Rush Varela - Art Walk Featured Artist

Photographer Rush Varela will travel anywhere in the world for the love of creating the best photograph possible. This month Varela shares with Art Walk attendees an exhibit of a few of his masterful images. His influence is seen through a visual language conveyed as theater through dramatic lighting and bold uses of color influencing his aesthetic sensibilities.
WSS Shoe Stores
WSS Shoes in the House
WSS Shoes will be in the Lounge with surprises!
Huntington Pop-Up
752 S. Main St.

    ‘CONSUMED BY THEIR FIRE’ curated by Martha De Perez
    The photographic work of Phillip John Cybulski & Martina amp up figurative imagery. Cybulski’s taboo nudes, shot in front of public places in the witching hours of the night, linger with you as iconic, subversive sirens.  They are the dark angels of our city. Martina’s more subdued pieces take you in & whisper flames of subtle beauty.  More artistic arsons are Dan Milnor’s conical pieces, John Paul’s unhinging door paintings, Rachael Rendon’s introspective testaments on velum. Artist Dan Milnor draws his improvised imagery on construction cones. Dan Gonzales
Lola Scarpitta
125 East 6th St & 129 East 6th St
Santa Fe Lofts presents two pop-up gallery exhibits: “Unseen and Seen” and “Mistaken Identity.” Unseen and Seen is curated by Irina Chelyapov of Lark Gallery. Mistaken Identity features Lola Scarpitta, who means to challenge the viewer to look beyond the obvious, and is curated by Martha de Perez.
Diego Cardoso
Downtown Art Walk Meets Venice Art Walk
Thanks to artist and gallery owner Diego Cardoso for representing the Downtown Art Walk at the Venice Art Walk in May.  Cardoso populated a gallery on Market Place with several of his paintings. Other Downtown artists who contributed work to the fund raiser were Andre Miropolsky, Robert Vargas, Qathryn Brehm and Kim Ables.
The Hive
The Hive
729 S. Spring St.
The Hive Gallery presents: ”Bizarro Au Go-Go book” and the “Oz” themed show. “Bizzaro Au Go-Go,” created by Hive artists Cig Neutron and Rannie Rodil, is a graphic book inspired by old midnightmovies and psychotronic film genres. A number of The Hive’s artists were featured in the first release of this amazing piece of eye candy.
Los Angeles Center For Digital Art
102 W. Fifth St.
The Electron Salon exhibit features artists Jeanne Zornada, Elinrose Henriksdotter, Christine Finkelson, Tim Forcade, Travis Donovan, Thiemo Kloss, Genea Barnes and others June 13-July 6, 2013
Norbertellen Gallery
215 W. 6th Street #110

Kimono Rock ‘N  Roll Art Show!! The kimono (着物) is a Japanese traditional garment worn by men, women &  children. Kimono Rock ‘N Roll Art Show has become a gathering of Japanese-styled illustration inspired  by anime, manga, and games from Japan, filled with groundbreaking artwork, 70 works by 49 Japanese popular artists.
Gallery Mujo
137 E. Third St.

MUJO is the Buddhist concept of impermanence, of nothing lasting forever. That Buddhist concept is founded on the fact that nothing is everlasting and thus subject to change. On the other hand, art and photography handle the one brief scene. When people look at his/her favorite piece of art, they have a strong feeling. The art has a special impact on the heart. 
 'Painting in Place'
The Old Bank
401 South Main St.
LAND (Los Angeles Nomadic Division) with a group exhibition presenting a wide array of work from contemporary artists that tackle painting from various perspectives, using both traditional and unconventional techniques and media in their approach to the discipline. Exploring various ways that the definition of painting is continuously evolving, the project seeks to expand the traditional parameters of painting, sculpture, and installation: blurred, deconstructed, and refigured.
The Downtown Art Walk app is now easier to use with more listings and more ways to find your local galleries and hot spots at the Art Walk.
Art Mart
 Downtown L. A . Art Walk is pleased to present our Artisan/Vendor village located at 514 S. Spring St. The Art Mart operates on the night of Art Walk! Art Walk will be making space available for working artists to showcase their art by painting, sculpting, fashion, and many more! Join us at the Art Walk on June 13th. downtownartmart@gmail.com
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