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They do exist! Protoplasmic and Mechanical Monstrosities Exhibit, 9.13.13, Rhythmix Cultural Works, Alameda

Rhythmix Cultural Works

Protoplasmic and Mechanical Monstrosities

Monumental anthropomorphic creatures with unpronounceable names. And Friends: Different Works by Fitz 

Media Contact: Tina Blaine
Email: media@rhythmix.org
ph: 510.865.5060

When: Friday, September 13, 2013
Exhibition runs September 13 - October 4, 2013
Time: 7pm-9pm
Where: Rhythmix Cultural Works, 2513 Blanding Avenue, Alameda, CA 94501
Cost: Free! All ages welcome. 
www.rhythmix.org (510) 865-5060

Ancient alien theorists believe thousands of years ago beings from a distant galaxy visited this planet and provided early humans with advancements in various and sundry resources in order to help them progress with advanced technological means. Modern quantum physicists project that up to 26 alternate dimensions exist in order to prove the string theory. We are only able to perceive time as a straight line yet NASA is currently experimenting with a prototype warp drive which can hopefully expand and contract space time in order to move an object faster than the speed of light.
Sometimes I like to pretend my body is a galaxy and my blood cells are like planets. Maybe one of the blood cells has a virus that is incapable of spreading to other cells. Then I think maybe the human race is a virus and this planet is like a blood cell that exists inside a giant body that is the universe. Machines have been developed in order to inform us that there is a handful of the population who are tetrachromatic or supertasters, people who are capable of seeing or tasting more stuff outside the normal range yet how could bacon taste any better than it already does.
There have been sightings yet no solid proof of the Yeti, Bigfoot, Mothman, shadow entities, chupacabras, the Loch Ness Monster, orbs, ufos, mermaids, Elvis Presley. Not that I believe any of this but the images witnessed in this exhibition manifested themselves to me while I was in a dreamlike state. So who is to say I have not transcended, if only for a moment, to a parallel dimension to witness extraordinary beings in their natural habitat and I bring back to you, the viewer, my recollections of these uncharted worlds from a parallel universe in a medium which I feel could best convey my experiences.
Fitz, or as he is lesser known, Andrew Fitzpatrick lives in Alameda with his wife Ellen where he sits on the couch painting pictures of sea monsters and watching television shows his wife thinks are terrible. She actually has good taste. You can find him on Saturday mornings at garage sales or thrift shops looking for more paintings to deface or records to play on the first Sunday of the month at Forbidden Island where he has hosted the Sultry Soothing Sounds of DJ Fitz for like six years or something. You can also find Fitz most any Wednesday evening here at Rhythmix in the K Gallery attending Art Jam festivities where he has just been bestowed the title of Lieutenant Squid Commander. Fitz regularly shows his art at Rhythmix and Redux in Alameda but usually he just makes paintings and sticks them in the garage. This is his first solo show ever.
Image credit: Tricephalic, Andrew Fitzpatrick, 2012
Exhibition open Wednesdays 6-9PM or call 510.865.5060 to schedule an appointment.

High resolution photos available upon request.

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