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Browse 2 Naive artworks for sale. Contemporary artists: Raphael Perez, Adib Fattal offering Naive artworks. Links to more artworks by these contemporary artists and 1 pages for and further artists at the bottom of this page. To view a work by any of these contemporary artists simply click on the image or browse the artist's portfolio. To buy any Naive art simply click on the image to go to a more detailed page about this work of art.

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Raphael Perez: 'gay painter queer artist homosexual lgbt art', 2002 Acrylic Painting, Naive. Article about Raphael Perez homosexual gay art paintingsPride and Prejudice on Raphael Perezs ArtworkRaphael Perez, born in 1965, studied art at the College of Visual Arts in Beer Sheva, and from 1995 has been living and working in his studio in Tel Aviv.  Today Perez plays an important ...
Naive - Painting
200 x 150 cm (78.7 x 59.1 inches)
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Adib Fattal: 'a picnic under a bridge', 2019 Pencil Drawing, Naive. naive art bridge in a colorful perspective. ...
Naive - Drawing
50 x 5 cm (19.7 x 2.0 inches)
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Artists Describing Their Art:

Raphael Perez - Article about Raphael Perez naive art paintings Raphael Perez is an Israeli artist known for his naive style paintings of Tel Aviv, Haifa, and Jerusalem cities. His work captures the essence of these cities and their urban landscapes, highlighting their iconic buildings and sites. PerezaEURtms paintings create an idealized atmosphere in which reality is beautified and presented in a dreamy, fantastic manner. PerezaEURtms work is characterized by its vibrant colors and cheerful depiction of life in these cities. The streets in his paintings are full of people and loving couples hugging and kissing, while the boulevards are lined with well-kept trees and bushes. PerezaEURtms work presents a vision of IsraelaEURtms future as a promising startup nation, with beautiful, clean, and naive cityscapes featuring towering skyscrapers reaching towards the sky. Through his art, Perez portrays Tel Aviv, Haifa, and Jerusalem as modern and advanced cities. His paintings are a celebration of these citiesaEURtm unique characters and their places as cultural hubs in Israel. PerezaEURtms work is a testament to the beauty and vitality of these cities and their people. In conclusion, Raphael Perez is an Israeli artist whose naive style paintings of Tel Aviv, Haifa, ...

Adib Fattal - I believe that before anything art should bring happiness to the viewer . Life has alot of misery in it , so it is the artist duty to make people happy . Secondly , I believe that an artist must have his own unique style which I feel should differentiate him totally from another artist . In my view , I would even say a particular style is more important than what and how an artist paints . His style has to be so strong that the viewer should immedietly recognize the artist ....