Stages Of Womanhood Assemblage By Rasheed Amodu

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Artist Rasheed Amodu. 'Stages Of Womanhood' Artwork Image, Created in 2000, Original Pastel Oil. #art #artist
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Rasheed Amodu


Stages Of Womanhood

Size - (USA):
31 W x 73 H x 3 D (inches)
Size - (metric):
78.7 W x 185.4 H x 7.6 D (centimeters)
Artwork ID:

Artwork Description:

Stages of Womanhood is an abstract creative assemblage of objects such as beads and different fabrics coupled with oil colours on canvas to examine the different stages of womanhood. It is a visual documentary on the story of a lady, from childhood to womanhood. Beads were symbolically employed from a Yoruba traditional perspective to measure the growth and health of a girl child as well as for aesthetics reason, beautification and adornment. The artwork was produced with different materials, which include beads and different fabrics to symbolize the different stages, seasons, fashion trends, festivals and celebrations, carnivals, special occasions and events that characterize the whole essence of womanhood from a holistic perspective.
Artwork Keywords:   Womanhood, Stages, Lady, Childhood, Girl-Child, Health, Fashion, Beads, Fabrics, Seasons, Original Assemblage
Materials:   Assemblages

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