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Patsy Cox, Jeannette L. Jennings, Minkyung Choi, Alice Buttress, Kanika Marshall, Carl Gray Witkop, Raquel Soaz, Sabra Schmudde, Vojkan Morar, Hazel Bryce, Bill Jackson, Nour Sokhon, Austen Pinkerton offering original Ceramics artworks.

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Patsy Cox: 'LA County Conglomeration', 2003 Other Ceramics, Culture. This installation grew out of my relationship to Los Angeles- its communities; its sheer mass; its blending of boundaries; its mixtures of language and culture. There are 88 total forms in this piece, representing the 88 cities of Los Angeles County. ...
Culture - Ceramics
20 x 20 feet (6.10 x 6.10 m)
Jeannette L. Jennings: 'Tuxedo Cat Cookie Jar', 2003 Handbuilt Ceramics, Cats. This Cookie Jar is handbuilt from stoneware clay, glazed inside and out signed, dated, and numbered. ...
Cats - Ceramics
9 x 10 inches (22.9 x 25.4 cm)
Minkyung Choi: 'Box Set with tray', 2002 Wheel Ceramics, Undecided. Ceramics Porcelain High fire cone 10- reduction  hand painted glazes functional object...
Undecided - Ceramics
9 x 5 inches (22.9 x 12.7 cm)
Alice Buttress: 'Celtic Box with handle', 2001 Handbuilt Ceramics, History. Handbuilt ceramic box with celtic design, glazed and Raku fired.The copper tones of the glaze and carbonisation of the smoke give this piece an unusual metallic appearance....
History - Ceramics
7 x 5 inches (17.8 x 12.7 cm)
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Kanika Marshall: 'Nigerian Bead Party', 2002 Handbuilt Ceramics, Ethnic. This 2002 California State Fair winner depicts a sassy young woman readying her colorful beads for trading....
Ethnic - Ceramics
17 x 19 inches (43.2 x 48.3 cm)
Carl Gray Witkop: 'Octopus Vessel  II', 2002 Handbuilt Ceramics, Marine. Handbuilt burnished sculpture- vessel. The body of the vessel I burnished with a stone. I used the palm of my hand and my fingers to burnish the octopus. The vessel surface area that is enclosed by the tentacles is not burnished, so there are three textures in the desigd. I ...
Marine - Ceramics
13 x 12 inches (33.0 x 30.5 cm)
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Carl Gray Witkop: 'Sinagua Dawn', 2001 Handbuilt Ceramics, Culture. Burnished handbuilt pot with incised band, . This piece was fired with coffee grounds and peat, with cow tail, wolf, and human hair, grass, and milkweed seed pods....
Culture - Ceramics
10 x 9 inches (25.4 x 22.9 cm)
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Carl Gray Witkop: 'Tonantzin Vessel', 2001 Handbuilt Ceramics, Mythology. Handbuilt burnished vase fired with corn silk, horse tail, human hair, coffee, and peat....
Mythology - Ceramics
12 x 15 inches (30.5 x 38.1 cm)
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Raquel Soaz: 'Entrada Forzosa', 2001 Handbuilt Ceramics, Undecided. Hand built using low fire clay and pit fired. ...
Undecided - Ceramics
10 x 16 inches (25.4 x 40.6 cm)
Raquel Soaz: 'vase', 2000 Handbuilt Ceramics, Undecided. Hand built using low fire clay and pit fired. ...
, 2000
Undecided - Ceramics
5 x 12 inches (12.7 x 30.5 cm)
Raquel Soaz: 'untitled', 2002 Handbuilt Ceramics, Religious.
, 2002
Religious - Ceramics
10 x 17 inches (25.4 x 43.2 cm)
Sabra Schmudde: 'Blue Lady', 1999 Wheel Ceramics, Fashion. Blue Pot
, 1999
Fashion - Ceramics
12 x 22 inches (30.5 x 55.9 cm)
Sabra Schmudde: 'Garden', 2000 Wheel Ceramics, Life. Carved pot depicting the garden of life. Thrown, oxidation cone 9, shino glaze. ...
, 2000
Life - Ceramics
14 x 8 inches (35.6 x 20.3 cm)
Sabra Schmudde: 'Delight', 2000 Wheel Ceramics, Family. Carved piece representing life' s delights. Thrown, fired to cone 10 ( reduction) . ...
, 2000
Family - Ceramics
12 x 15 inches (30.5 x 38.1 cm)
Sabra Schmudde: 'Life', 2001 Wheel Ceramics, Love. Carved piece representing the emotional stages of life. Thrown, lidded piece, fired to cone 10. ...
, 2001
Love - Ceramics
0 x 0 inches (0.0 x 0.0 cm)
Kanika Marshall: 'Holy Man', 1995 Handbuilt Ceramics, Spiritual. Holy Man depicts the wisest man in the tribe.  First Place winner in the California Arts Leagues' Magic in May show in 1995....
, 1995
Spiritual - Ceramics
12 x 16 inches (30.5 x 40.6 cm)
Vojkan Morar: 'love', 2001 Handbuilt Ceramics, Inspirational.
, 2001
Inspirational - Ceramics
0 x 30 cm (0.0 x 11.8 inches)
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Hazel Bryce: 'Clarity', 2001 Wheel Ceramics, undecided. Hand thrown and turned limoges porcelaintableware, reduction fired to 1300 degrees with a blue- white crackle glaze. The tallest piece is 17cms high. ...
, 2001
undecided - Ceramics
0 x 17 cm (0.0 x 6.7 inches)
Hazel Bryce: 'Latest work in limoges porccelain', 2001 Wheel Ceramics, Still Life. All of these pieces are the result of of an exploration into the refinement and develoment of my fascination with minimal tableware. Each piece is hand thrown and turned and as yet is unglazed. I am currently working on a 1300 reduction glaze that will emphasize the transluceny of this ...
Still Life - Ceramics
0 x 0 inches (0.0 x 0.0 cm)
Hazel Bryce: 'Porcelain Bowls and Mugs', 2001 Wheel Ceramics, Still Life. Hand thrown porcelain tableware...
Still Life - Ceramics
0 x 0 inches (0.0 x 0.0 cm)
Raquel Soaz: 'untitled', 2002 Handbuilt Ceramics, Undecided.
, 2002
Undecided - Ceramics
4 x 9 inches (10.2 x 22.9 cm)
Hazel Bryce: 'Porcelain Shotts', 2000 Wheel Ceramics, undecided. Hand thrown porcelain shott beakers...
undecided - Ceramics
0 x 0 inches (0.0 x 0.0 cm)
Bill Jackson: 'best backpack blowers', 2021 Other Ceramics, Abstract. A house with a garden needs the best backpack blowers.Many people have a hard time sweeping the grass for fallen leaves. These leaves are an eyesore, and you want your guests and neighbors see the grassaEURtms lushness.Now, say goodbye to sweeping, and say hello to leaf- blowing. ...
Abstract - Ceramics
5.5 x 6.5 inches (14.0 x 16.5 cm)
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Nour Sokhon: 'Blue Spikes 1', 2014 Handbuilt Ceramics, Conceptual.    Nour Sokhon - Blue Spikes 2014www. noursokhon. com   ...
Conceptual - Ceramics
44 x 29 cm (17.3 x 11.4 inches)
Austen Pinkerton: 'Hands', 2003 Other Ceramics, Undecided.
, 2003
Undecided - Ceramics
23 x 13 inches (58.4 x 33.0 cm)
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Austen Pinkerton: 'Octopus', 2008 Other Ceramics, Animals.
, 2008
Animals - Ceramics
380 x 380 mm ( x )
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Austen Pinkerton: 'AGONY', 2004 Other Ceramics, Figurative.
, 2004
Figurative - Ceramics
280 x 230 mm ( x )
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Austen Pinkerton: 'Elephant', 1989 Handbuilt Ceramics, Animals.
, 1989
Animals - Ceramics
10 x 10 inches (25.4 x 25.4 cm)
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Austen Pinkerton: 'Horses Head', 2008 Other Ceramics, Animals.
Animals - Ceramics
250 x 350 mm ( x )
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Ildiko Toth: 'Aquincum Installation1', 1994 Handbuilt Ceramics, Architecture. Water Wall for Podwer Room...
Architecture - Ceramics
78 x 70 inches (198.1 x 177.8 cm)
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  • Artists Describing Their Art:

    Patsy Cox - My most current work embodies mutations, hybrids, growth, and cross-pollination. Multiple forms can stand as individual pieces and also parts of a cohesive whole. When the pieces are grouped together, it's not clear where one begins and the next one ends, which is the original and which is the mutation. While most of my work does not refer to a particular geographical location, my most recent projects have grown out of my own relationship to Los Angeles--its communities; its sheer mass; its blending of boundaries; its mixtures of language and culture. I focus on capturing the overwhelming nature of a sprawling city and often use the primary colors of blue, yellow and red to emphasize the possibility of its transformation--all colors are possible from the mixture. It is important to me that I approach my work in a physical way. The process of creating the work in the tradition of working with clay is as vital as the work itself. ...

    Jeannette L. Jennings - My first cat came as part of the package with some used pottery equipment I purchased in 1979,'Amelia' posed next to me while I worked and soon a small clay cat was produced. This became the favorite piece of all who saw my work. Near the end of the 80's, I decided to specialize in cats: Cat Plates, Watch Cats (sculptures) and Bells, Cat Clocks, and Cat Pins. More recently Cookie Jars have been quite popular. I continue to explore other areas of work: tile, vases, masks, sculpture, and fountains. Neriage: mixing several different clay colors,has been a long time technique used in cats and my other work. All of the work on this site is hand built by me. ...

    Minkyung Choi - Statement Functional pottery maintains an important place in historical developments throughout the various ages and when studied can be a good gauge for a civilizations advances and culture. Especially in ancient or older civilizations, pottery reflected many aspects of a society including beauty, technological innovation, beliefs and values. A single ceramic object could tell you much about the person who created it as well as the culture that necessitates it. But as time went on, pottery became more than utilitarian objects; technology advanced leading to developments in the arts, a progression driven by a human tendency towards more leisurely outlets which allowed for artisans to create objects that were not singular or utilitarian in purpose. It is this duality that drives me to produce the type of work that is functional and also aesthetically enjoyable. The pieces that I create are inspired from many sources. Perhaps the most primary of these influences is my affinity for the beauty and elegance of historical Korean and Chinese ceramics. These pots celebrate a time and a people through their beauty that speaks volumes about the lifestyle of the people in the generation that created them. I admire their simplistic forms and wonderful colors ...

    Alice Buttress - My name is Alice Buttress and I live the lovely highland village of Carrbridge near the Cairngorm Mountains in Scotland. I have been working with clay for the past twenty years and sell my work mainly from my Studio in Carrbridge and at exhibitions. I work in stoneware and porcelain, sculpting, handbuilding and throwing in a traditional representational style. I fire my work in an electric kiln and gas Raku kiln with post firing reduction. Also for the past 7 years I have been chainsaw carving wood sculptures for the garden, most popular carvings are owls, squirrels, and bears. Inspiration for my work comes from historic cultures, legends and my surroundings in the Scottish Highlands....

    Kanika Marshall - Kanika Marshall has created a distinctive collection of mixed-media art sculptures, which includes hand-painted tile mosaics and other two-dimensional wall pieces, three-dimensional sculptures, masks, garden art, wearable art, figurines, goddesses, breast cancer survivor art, and tribal-design pottery. She sculpts some pieces by hand from clay, paints them with a color glaze to form the varying hues of skin tones and other colors, and then low fires them in a kiln to ceramic perfection. Many of the pieces are draped with fabulously textured fabrics from Africa, and/or adorned with beadwork, glass, leather, recycled metal, stones, shells, or other finishing touches. Kanika believes her African ancestors work joyously through her hands to create each one-of-a-kind sculpture. Kanika studied with renowned potter/sculptor Ruth Rippon in 1980-81 and with figurative sculptor, Yoshio Taylor, in the early 1990s. Kanika's sculptures have been sold for years in the Crocker Art Museum, numerous art galleries and stores throughout Northern California, at juried art shows, on the World Wide Web, and to art aficionados all over the world. The City of Elk Grove purchased Kanika's "Leather Locks & Five Ancestors" and "Sea Jellies and River Rock." ...

    Carl Gray Witkop - Beauty created by natural forces is sublime, sometimes so intense, sometimes hidden. I allow fire to finish my pots to include natural beauty in my creations. I handbuild pots by the coil method then burnish them with a smooth stone. There is no glaze. Other than some color in the clay slips, all the color results from the firing. I remove the pots red hot from the kiln, then finish the firing in a pit. The hot pots contact various fuels such as sawdust, hair, flowers, or weeds, which leave smoke stains and areas which are reduced or oxidized. ...

    Raquel Soaz - My work is hand-built by slab and pinch construction using low-fire clay. In my most recent work, I give much attention to colors to complete my work using either glazes, underglazes, cold finishes (acrylics), inks, color pencils, and/or any other I need for communicating my intended vision. Most of my pieces are figurative/objects. Printed and shaped with my childhood country's colors, rhythms and warmth. ...

    Sabra Schmudde - The exploration of human form and spirit has fascinated me most of my artistic life. The requirements for living are common themes in my art...shelter, food, love, sexuality, communication, beauty, death, and especially the spirit of the soul. As a potter, I always wanted to know what energies influence and direct us to make us who we are. When I found this "new" medium, clay, some of my questions were answered. Ceramics combines minerals from the earth with the heat of fire to create the works of art or functional forms. This becomes a basis of understanding--for what are we but mineral compositions ourselves. Continually exploring the circles of clay on the wheel, I have concluded that clay is more like humanity than anything I have ever known. One or more thrown forms that are perfect circles--or sometimes not so perfect circles--are combined with the human spirit, in containers for human use. I began to explore the ability of the clay's energy to transcend time and the mind, providing the never-ending circle of life and death, again and again. Some images in my pottery are clothed, and some reflect sexuality, love, birth, and death. ...

    Hazel Bryce - After taking the City and Guilds Basic, Intermediate and Advanced courses in Ceramics and Creative Design I then went on to do my Ceramics BA (hons)at Harrow. As you can see from the images shown I practice making in a variety of techniques, however my time at Harrow has led me in the direction of minimalist porcelain tableware, in which I have produced a large body of bowls, beakers and single flower vases. This was the work I submitted for my degree show at the University. I now work exclusively with Limoges porcelain making a large series of related table ware items. Each piece can stand alone or among any of the other items in the series as they are all inter-connected with form and/or a decorative mark. My intention is to merge the senses of the optic and the haptic, encouraging the viewer to both see and feel the energy in my work. A transference of the creative energy used in my work into the grasp of the owner. ...

    Nour Sokhon - For Nour Sokhon, art is not just about the embellishment of the world, but about experimenting with the world. Nour's thesis "Gesticulation" reflected her own interest in the crossovers between art and science experiments. Research is a key part of her work, with the usage of challenging materials and physics theories she manages to break through the established rules of creation process and to touch upon what "creating" is really about. Probably the uniqueness of the Lebanese artist Nour Sokhon is to conceptualize the possible coexistence of the ideal of classical beauty with the anti-classical materials, the combination of the divine with the mundane. Her research on multi-materialistic crossovers lead her to overlap different tangible realities, where everything seems to make sense. Compositions which at first seem "simple" and "logical" immediately reveal limitations that are disruptive in the interpretation of reality. This is the Sokhon purpose : remove barriers that distort and confuse the perception of reality. www.noursokhon.com...

    Austen Pinkerton - Artists Statement Austen Pinkerton If I turn my mind to it very quickly I can come up with several ideas for works aEUR|paintings, drawings, or sculptures. Sometimes ideas come to me when I least expect it, or when my mind is on other things. Ideas can be related to my current experiences, or to my feelings about things that are happening to me in my life at that particular time. Alternatively they can be related to a current interest, or something that occupies my attention at that moment, and my ideas and feelings about which Id like to share with others. A lot of my work is autobiographicalaEUR|either directly or indirectly, consciously or subconsciously. It is frequently very personal, and expresses events or circumstances or experiences in my life. I usually work in either Acrylic on Canvas, Crayon or Pastel, or both together, with Gouache, on card, Drawing in pencil, or Ink, or both, or with creating SculptureaEUR|for which I use fired artists clay. Sculpture follows a completely different set of rules and values from two-dimensional art, obviously, I think of it as Drawing in three dimensions and I take this into account when creating mine. In...