CLOSE [X] does NOT charge your credit card for any sale until you have approved applicable shipping costs.

How Do You Ship Artwork?
Since our clients and artists are located all over the world, shipping for original artworks need to be carefully calculated on a case by case basis. We take pride in providing the most cost effective and most secure way of shipping possible.

How Much Is Shipping?
Shipping is calculated on a case by case basis. Original artworks are very precious and need specialized attention. Shipping costs usually run 5% - 20% of the price of the artwork depending on what the artwork is and where the artwork is shipping from and shipping to.

Who Pays For Shipping
Unless the artist offers free shipping, the client pays for shipping. The shipping cost is carefully calculated for each client and the client always approves shipping cost before a sale is charged to a client's credit card.

When Will I Get My Shipping Quote?
After you have ordered the artwork we will get the shipping quote as fast as possible. It may take 30 minutes to sometimes a day or two before we have accurate shipping information for you. We carefully get the best and most secure route for you.

What About Insurance?
All artworks are always fully insured for shipping. Each artwork is carefully packaged prior to shipping and very rarely do they get damaged in transit.

What About Delivery Time?
The delivery time frame will entirely depend on where you live and where the artwork is shipping from. Delivery within USA and the EU is anywhere from 1-7 days. Shipping abroad may take 7-14 days. absolutearts has 16 years of shipping experience and always chooses the most secure and cost effective way for each client.

What About Tracking?
Each artwork is always carefully tracked during the shipping process and each client is informed of all tracking information once a work has shipped.

Who Do You Use For Shipping? has used the following shipping partners: USPS, UPS, FEDEX, DHL and specialized art carriers worldwide.

How Is My Artwork Shipped?
Each artwork is a very special piece that always receives careful attention and packaging. All artworks are securly packaged prior to shipping. Shipping materials range from cardboard and protective bubble wrap to specialized art crates, mailing tubes, wooden crates and even courier delivery. It all depends on the type of work. We always keep every client informed during the shipping process.

I Have More Questions
Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. You can either email us at or call us at 646-455-1425. We are always eager to answer any questions you may have.

Final Thoughts
We take each sale very seriously and understand that each original artwork is special. Thus, we always offer individualized attention to each client for every purchase however small or large it may be. We treat all our clients with great attention and care -- we are not a big box store -- not like a warehouse store -- not like a huge internet company -- not like a big discounter. We are a small company that strives to work with every client on an individual basis. On the Internet since 1999, absolutearts understands that each original artwork is very valuable and worthy to build a close relationship with each client. Whether your purchase is a gift, a corporate piece, a commission or an artwork for the living room - we respect your privacy!

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Artist: Leo, Evans
Title: The Defence
Medium: Pastel
Theme: Abstract
Size: 11 X 15 (inches)
Artwork Type: Original Artwork
Artwork Id: 285304

Artwork Price: $3150
Shipping: (Info for Shipping)
TOTAL   $3150