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Luise Andersen  'OTHER OF MOON', created in 2007, Original Fiber.
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Luise Andersen



Size - (USA):
13 W x 11 H x 0 D (inches)
Size - (metric):
33.0 W x 27.9 H x 0.0 D (centimeters)
Artwork ID:

Artwork Description:

... am certain.. when you are not familiar with my works.. you see hand.. leaf.. water like formations.. in circle form.. that's cool.. but... not the feel I have within my core.. expressed in symbolic 'language'.. the language we all 'express in.. ' at times during life. I do within my art pieces.. so.. Please, you first.... top.. female body... light blue hue touches highlight on calf top towards right.. move your eye towards left.. still on top area.. then you can connect.. let eye go downwards on left .. yess. . images.. one merges with others.. is from one ... just different expressions for changing 'feel'... profile towards right of these.. anxient appearing.. in timeless space.. eyes on profile focus on this image right in middle.. arm (my forefinger ;-) ) reaches towards this out of seemingly no-where appearing not unfriendly expression of image.. Look at that!! I just re-read and check on yesterdays' works.. when I notice.. looks like this ancient man or woman image holds right arm up and away kind, to me today.. and squeezes a snake..!! I love snakes !! Well.. this one is kind of dark.. and intimidating coming out of nowheres.. Look.. travel with eye through light blue areas.. and muted blues.. image after image.. inch by inch.. and one image I recognize.. and know very well.. larger.. two expressions in one.. agony.. pain.. inside .. hurt.. move downwards.. just a mere quater of inch.. the full mouth (is male).. almost closed.. resignation. . letting go.. and to right of his chin.. is this little light looking face (image).. eyes upwards.. hands in front empty.. must have let go.. what ever was in there.. loving eyes.. sad.. as if cried.. well.. can not miss the dark on left as figure (middle finger and thumb and back of hand.. you take it from there.. or where ever you feel.. you want to 'go'... Wanted to title first , absence of moon,.. but will save that one for other.. In meantime.. I will go back to my Mignon in the cool series.. and continue other digital works I created.. from same.. and see, what I discover, when I turn these.. and go from there.. with my severely unstable core condition ... today.... too close in time.. these mood-dives.. too close..... Need to create.. hang on wire..
Keywords:   Original Computer Art, Other Computer Art
Materials:   Computer Art

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