Mano Alii Computer Art By Satoshi Matsuyama

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Artist Satoshi Matsuyama. 'Mano Alii' Artwork Image, Created in 2005, Original Computer Art. #art #artist
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Satoshi Matsuyama


Mano Alii



Size - (USA):
124 W x 82 H x 3 D (inches)
Size - (metric):
315.0 W x 208.3 H x 7.6 D (centimeters)


Artwork ID:
Artwork Description:   This 2005 work was awarded the Guru Award at Photoshop World In Las Vegas, 2006 located at the land mark of the Hawaii chain, (Waikiki beach with ancient Diamond Head, more than 100 years ago), titled Manoa Ali'i,which means Royal Vast (chiefs lived here). I decided to re-construct this work on the computer again, adding and retouching a few changes, as Manoa Ali'i 2011 for sharing the veracity which we've known through the disaster in March 11, 2011, with all the people in this planet who feel sympathy. The ancient view of Waikiki beach with Hawaiian landmark Diamond Head, there's a endless power and beauty to the next to come after deserter 3.11. First, Read James chapter 4 verse 13-17 in an undertone again , and pour out your heart before Him, and find out an accurate knowledge more and more about God, please. Come, now, you who say: Today or tomorrow we will journey to this city and will spend a year there, and we will engage in business and make profits, whereas you do not know what your life will be tomorrow. For you are a mist appearing for a little while and then disappearing. Instead, you ought to say: If God wills, we shall live and also do this or that. But now you take pride in your self-assuming brags. All such taking of pride is wicked. Therefore, if one knows how to do what is right and yet does not do it, it is a sin for him. On the gathering island O'ahu again in the Spring '05, I visited the Bishop museum at Honolulu, to learn the scientific and geographical knowledge of this Waikiki area in Hawaiian history. Before the construction of the Ala Wai Canal between 1921 and 1924, Waikiki was just known as duck ponds. That was a very vast swamp belt as a mouth of three streams, Moleka, Manoa and Palolo, flowing down from Ko'olau Range. It is known in Hawaiian meaning of Waikiki, blow out the water, ponds, marshes, as can be also sympathize. These streams that had flowed all the way to the beach were now intercepted by the new waterway Ala Wai Canal, and that meant the end of the swamps and ponds that had kept most of the district in agricultural use. The biggest stream of them, Manoa, meaning VAST in their local language. Manoa Ali'i is the land division on the Eva side of great Ko'olau Range and Manoa valley, with means, Royal Vast (chiefs lived here). Dwelling dominion vast land of God, the beach in old time, was still a great place to swim, and was hardly a must-seen destination.

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