Inspired By Type A Torpedo Citroen 1919 Digital Art By Asbjorn Lonvig

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Artist Asbjorn Lonvig. 'Inspired By Type A Torpedo Citroen 1919' Artwork Image, Created in 2010, Original Painting Other. #art #artist
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Asbjorn Lonvig


Inspired By Type A Torpedo Citroen 1919

Size - (USA):
52 W x 77 H x 0 D (inches)
Size - (metric):
132.1 W x 195.6 H x 0.0 D (centimeters)
Artwork ID:

Artwork Description:

Asbjorn Lonvig's words: PSA Peugeot Citroen's Headquarters is in Paris. That's why this amazing car is important in a Paris context. I saw this car - I do not remember where - but I had to make the motif. Wikipedia's words: Andr-Gustave Citron (Born February 2, 1878 and died July 3, 1935 in Paris) was a French entrepreneur of Dutch descent. He is remembered chiefly for the make of car named after him. Andr-Gustave was the fifth and last child of the Dutch Jewish diamond merchant Levie Citroen and Mazra Kleinmann (of Warsaw, Poland). The Citroen family moved to Paris from Amsterdam in 1873 where the name changed to Citron. Andr was a graduate of the cole Polytechnique in 1900. During World War I, he was responsible for mass production of armaments. Andr Citron started converting the ammunition factory of the Quai de Javel in Paris. Inspired by the industrial model put into practice by Henri Ford in the US, Andr Citron decided to import modern working methods in order to manufacture robust, economical cars in large numbers. His ambition was to mass produce cars (he dreamt of a thousand vehicles a day) in order to bring prices down and so to male cars more democratic. Andr Citron quickly introduced a number of innovations in employee facilities at the Javel plant, including a sick bay, a dental surgery and a crche. The type A, Citron's first production car, appeared in June 1919. It was the first mass-produced car to be built in Europe and also the first low-cost car to be sold fully equipped: electric starter and lighting, bonnet, spare wheel and tyre, etc. It was the first French car with a left-hand drive. It was also the first car to be aimed specifically at the general public, designed to be driven by everybody.
Artwork Keywords:   Original Digital Art
Materials:   Digital Arts

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