KISS Drawing By Lyudmila Kogan

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Artist Lyudmila Kogan. 'KISS' Artwork Image, Created in 2009, Original Drawing Other. #art #artist
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Lyudmila Kogan



Size - (USA):
8 W x 10 H x 0.125 D (inches)
Size - (metric):
20.3 W x 25.4 H x 0.3 D (centimeters)
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Artwork Description:

Scratchboard art: I use 1/8" (3 mm) thick professional scratchbord panels a smooth, white kaolin clay ground that is evenly coated with black India ink. The Scratchbord is acid-free and archival, and will not tear, crack, or bend. However, one must be careful with a handling scratchboard since it is easy to leave fingerprints or smudges on the surface. When I work with the scratchboard I use soft fabric to hold it in place and under my hand. Once I have a final sketch transferred onto a scratchboard, I lightly scratch the ink layer with a thin sharp knife to outline contours (like one would on a chalkboard!) Then, I go over established contours a couple of times sharpening and widening lines to create a design by scraping away portions of ink and clay in a similar manner as a carver cuts into wood to create a design. During the whole process the ink and clay layers are scraped off layer by layer using a sharp knife and a chisel-like knife with a concave end to create different line weights that highlight certain parts of the image. I usually go very slow to control the pressure I exert on the knife to control depth of lines and to ensure that line edges are clean and crisp. The finished work is framed and protected by glass.
Artwork Keywords:   Original Drawing
Materials:   Uncategorized Drawings

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