Sisth Sense Drawing By Ron Zilinski

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Artist Ron Zilinski. 'Sisth Sense' Artwork Image, Created in 2007, Original Drawing Pen. #art #artist
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Ron Zilinski


Sisth Sense

Size - (USA):
28 W x 22 H x 1 D (inches)
Size - (metric):
71.1 W x 55.9 H x 2.5 D (centimeters)
Artwork ID:

Artwork Description:

This drawing is a design called Sixth Sense and it is a design within a design within still another design. I call it Sixth Sense because it plays with the mind, especially if you look at the center and allow your mind to relax and feel the moment as it were. The artwork seems to offer a great meditational factor and it will give you many hours of enjoyment through the intricacy of shapes and colors. The ink needs to soak into the thick poster board paper and the results are a deep textured view, almost a velvety finish in real life when viewing up close and personal. These designs take anywhere from 60 to 80 hours or more to complete all by hand, no computer is used other than to post the artwork on the site. Thankyou kindly for looking!
Artwork Keywords:   Original Drawing
Materials:   Pen Drawings

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